City of Cockburn 2017 local government election candidates

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Below are the background profiles of candidates for this local government authority. Candidates running in the election authorised and provided their background profiles to Community Newspaper Group for publication. Candidate contact details are included in each profile.


Name: Lee-Anne Smith
Ward contested: Mayoral candidate and East Ward
Phone: 0497 953 153
Suburb of residence: Success

Are you a member of a political party? If so which one? Labor

About me: Currently the longest serving and most experienced East Ward Councillor. Award winning and sought after community services CEO. More than a ribbon cutter and will wrap performance measures around my role. Twenty years ago I bought my first home in Southlake and became an active part of the community joining one of the first resident’s associations, running discos, movie nights and kids programs across Cockburn.  A foster mother with sons Billy and Jaxon, I sold my home starting award winning halo and winning the first state government Aboriginal diversionary tender. Lobbying a Government that developed a ‘lock them up’ mentality took its toll and I returned to the corporate world managing governance training across Asia with the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I offer a dynamic style of leadership that will take the Mayoral role and Cockburn to a whole new level while leaving nobody behind.

Why I’m running for mayor:
As your current longest serving East Ward Councillor, I have witnessed mostly through social media a menagerie of changing values boasting a  divisive, them and us, right and wrong mentality. I have lost track of infrastructure opened by cutting ribbons and smiling faces, all the while knowing few, if any residents would gain employment or benefit from sub-contracting opportunities. I have the experience and knowledge to introduce a council ‘buy local policy and community planning panel involving residents early in the planning of our city and how developer contribution funds are allocated. With a reputation as the ‘go to’ Councillor not afraid to take on tough challenges affecting Cockburn’s local people and local places I will leverage networks and opportunities taking the Mayoral role and our city to a whole new level. It’s time for a Mayor that embraces old values with an ambitious and inclusive style of community leadership.


Name: Chamonix Terblanche
Standing for mayor
Phone: 0404 696 306
Suburb of residence: Success

Are you a member of a political party? No.

About me:
My wonderful husband Carl, our three gorgeous sons and I enjoy spending our free time with fellow Cockburnians, most often in our lovely Cockburn parks. Carl works in treasury for one of Perth’s banks. We have built our careers while based in Cockburn, where I have 20+ years’ experience in industry, academia, government and have held numerous presidential, board and national committee positions. I hold a PhD in Business Information Systems. Nothing pleases me more than being able to help others and make a real difference in their lives.

“Chamonix demonstrates intelligence, diligence, integrity and responsiveness and is an excellent representative for our City.” Deputy Mayor Carol Reeve-Fowkes.
“Chamonix is the person to now lead Cockburn into the future!” Longest serving Councillor, Kevin Allen.
“Chamonix will be a breath of fresh air as Mayor and allow residents to be given a voice.” Lara Kirkwood, Cockburn Chat Founder..

Why I’m running for council:
It is time for change. As a sitting councillor, I know we need a new era of energised council leadership. I have a bold vision for our City to be the best City in Australia to live and invest in. A City where its residents are consulted and the council reflects the views of its residents. As a migrant from South Africa many years ago, I fled to a country which would provide a better life and safety for my family and with which I could relate to on so many levels. There’s not one day that passes that I’m not incredibly thankful for the opportunity to live here. I have vowed to give back to Australia for the rest of my days. I will fight tirelessly to keep its culture and safety like it was when I chose to move here all those years ago.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Connected and Consulted Community-fight to keep Australia Day on 26 Jan; listening actively; improving security; boosting tourism, culture; greater transparency; regular video updates from me, your Mayor
  • Future Proof City- implement city wide wi-fi; better road networks; drone utilisation; video-streaming Council meetings
  • Considerate Commitments-conserving fauna & flora, diverse cultures, disabled, aged, young, less fortunate


Name: Logan K Howlett
Ward: N/A (Mayoral candidate)
Phone: 0407 337 650
Suburb of residence: Munster

Are you a member of a political party? No.

About me:
Elected as Mayor in March 2009, Logan has demonstrated his strong leadership to achieve results in a complex environment. He has worked with all stakeholders to position Cockburn as an award winning customer focused local government. Logan has a strong work ethic and is ably supported by his wife Pat. You’ll see them ‘out & about’ everywhere. They are at a time in their lives where their giving to the community is difficult to match.
Logan has seen two of the greatest threats to Cockburn’s boundaries consigned to history. Whether at a local rally, on the steps of Parliament, or elsewhere, Logan is Cockburn through and through. Projects such as Cockburn ARC, Bibra Lake playground, the Seniors Centre, Narma Kullarck Boardwalk, Manning Stairs, Integrated Health & Community Centre and many more have changed the face of Cockburn.
Logan and Pat continue to receive overwhelming support from the wider Cockburn community.

Why I’m running for council:
To continue my leadership of the Council that has produced an outstanding range of world class community facilities and one of the most extensive range of programs and services that are respected and valued by our community. Never before has the City seen such growth and prosperity as in the last decade. Exciting opportunities that continue to provide small business growth and local jobs for local people that add to the local, state and federal economies. Continued support for our valued volunteers whether it be in community, sporting, cultural, service or other organisations that provide the framework for people of all ages and abilities to do the very best that they can. Myself and Pat have demonstrated our unique capacity to be ‘out and about’ meeting members of the community ‘face to face’ and sharing in their dreams and aspirations.
We have a genuine commitment to the wider Cockburn community.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Completing our major road projects.
  • Supporting small business growth and local jobs
  • Progressing our Council endorsed community projects, including safety, security and CCTV.




Name:  Mariyon Slany
Ward contested:   Central Ward
Phone: 0430 183 893
Suburb of residence:  Yangebup

Are you a member of a political party? If so which one?  No

About me:
Mariyon has a range of post graduate qualifications as well as diverse work experiences having worked for Place Development at Wanneroo and Subiaco Councils, and TAFE business lecturing.  She worked with planners as part of her LGA work.  Now running her own single trader counselling business she knows the ups and downs of business demands and chairs a board that deals with whole of Perth natural resource management aiming to create an eco-city Perth. She has had strategic planning training and knows how community views can help guide hot topics from her public participation qualifications.  Additionally she understands the impact from mental health issues/addiction on families as she runs community education courses at Relationships Australia and believes more community resources can assist with that but infrastructure planning/liveability needs to work with community development.  She offers you considerable knowledge as well as professionalism and curiosity whilst respecting debate.

Why I’m running for council:
Mariyon is a truly independent non party-aligned candidate aiming to re-invigorate creative thinking for Central Cockburn issues so it is a standout suburb.  What makes Mariyon stand out for Central Ward is her ability to read and assess information to use as the basis for intelligent forward planning decisions.  Principles that guide her include sustainability, valuing the benefits of our natural environment for itself – as well as mental health, tourism and the value it brings to our properties.  She also believes in more community integration and cultural events and would bring energy and good governance skills.  Living in a bio diversity hot spot, local government has a responsibility to play in helping protect our local environment.  Mariyon has been involved strategically in environmental issues and continues to push for more appropriate planning regulations, retaining viable remnant bushland, and protecting water courses and wetlands. No single issue focus or empty promises.

My top three priorities if elected: 

  1. To make Cockburn Central Ward a live-able hub with more community (open space) events like Food Truck events.
  2. Re-think traffic management including promoting bike hubs/car sharing/better use of public transport.
  3. Planning for higher density living and working collaboratively to have destination tourism across Cockburn.


Name: Tom Wilson
Ward: Central
Phone: 0425 391 733
Suburb of residence: Coolbellup

Are you a member of a political party? If so which one? No.

About me:
I first moved to the local area to attend Murdoch University where I studied law and commerce after high school. Having fallen in love with the local area, I made the decision to build my first home in Coolbellup.
I have built a career in public policy, gaining extensive experience working with community, government and industry stakeholders to deliver reform outcomes which create a more liveable future for Western Australian’s.
I am currently a Senior Advisor within a government agency. Prior to this I was the Manager of Policy and Research for a prominent not-for-profit organisation, advocating the sustainable development and planning of Perth’s urban environment. If elected, I will work closely with the local community to ensure the City’s prosperity is enjoyed by all its residents. I will strive to ensure the City’s growth enriches the lives of its residents, and the local economy is resilient to future challenge.

Why I’m running for council:
Since moving to Coolbellup, I’ve seen a real community form as new residents have moved in, breathing new life into this established suburb. The City’s natural assets are certainly something to behold, and the community’s passion for protecting them, even more so. While there are many great things about living in the City of Cockburn, there is also significant room for improvement. Some of our smaller local centres are ageing and have not kept pace with the needs of local residents. Similarly there are sections of the community, which are underrepresented in decision-making. I believe the City of Cockburn needs effective local leadership to link the cultural, economic and planning strategies for the city, to deliver a holistic plan for the security and prosperity of residents and business owners.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Revitalising suburban centres
  • More effective linking of planning and economic development
  • Effective local transport and traffic management solutions






Name: Lorenzo Boksi
Ward: East Ward
Phone: 0412 266 974
Suburb of Residence: Cockburn Central

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I have been a resident of Cockburn for 11+ years, and invested my energy into this vibrant City by successfully running my own business Nocello’s Restaurant in Cockburn Central employing many local residents over the years. I am married to my Wife Laura and we have two adorable Children Alessia & Julian who also go to school in the area.

Why I Am Running for Council:
As your Elected Member and as a Councillor for The City of Cockburn , I will use my business experience to represent the community to ensure the following:

  1. Council Rates never go up more than the inflation
  2. Support and maintain Pensioner Rates Discounts
  3. Maintain free tip passes
  4. Work to ease Traffic Congestion around Cockburn Central
  5. Ensure Maximum Support for Community and sporting groups
  6. Maintiain Quality Reserves and Streetscapes

and Also as a Small Business owner I will support all small business around the area to create more jobs , pursue safe and accessible recreation hubs and create Cockburn Central to Airport Link and further expand Cockburn Gateways with Bars , Cinema and Department Stores.

My top 3 priorities:

  • 1.Keep City of Cockburn Safe with 24/7 CCTV Surveillance
  • 2.Further Expansion of Cockburn Gateways to include Bars , Cinema and Department Stores .
  • 3.Propose Cockburn Central to Airport Link


Name: Tarun Dewan
Ward: East
Phone: 0433875350
Suburb of residence: Success

Are you a member of a political party: Labor

About me:
I was brought-up within a caring family. Early education in a Defence school with highest emphasis on discipline and ethical values, respect for elders and self-reliance. Family means everything to me. I am married with Neerja who teaches in a local school and we have two grown up children Surbhi and Sahil. I am settled in Cockburn since last 16 years. My parents are aged 80+ and I have evolved a home care system for them.
In my responsibility as a Project Director, I have demonstrated successful outcomes for 32 years in various industries. I have lead a team of 1400 people and project value $400 million in a multicultural environment with numerous challenges. I have developed systems and structures to enhance productivity and save millions of dollars for my employers. I will transfer these learnings for problem solving and sustainable development for the Cockburn community.

Why I’m running for council:
After fulfilling my responsibilities towards self and family, at 55, the next logical phase of contribution for me is to serve and share the experience for the community. I shall work for residents to have increased family income and wealth with local jobs. Most problems in a family or a community arise due to lack of financial resources. Improved safety of the children of Cockburn by ensuring a walkway bridge between Atwell and Success. This will also reduce congestion and emission ,as kids can walk to school. I find serving the community enjoyable and rewarding as it also fulfils my own needs of love and connection, need for growth, thrill of problem solving and joy of positive contribution.  Having engaged and received fantastic inputs from a large cross section of the community I will lead a shared vision from all residents and implement across the Cockburn.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Freeze Rates by 2019 to provide greater disposable income to residents
  • Improve Safety and Security by having own staff to manage this vital function as against contracted staff
  • Shared Vision for Cockburn so that we have an inclusive decision making.


Name: Kim Sadlier JP
Ward: East Ward
Phone: 0438 339 507
Suburb of Residence: Success

Are you a member of a political party: Labor

About Me:
I am a long term and passionate resident of Cockburn, and am aware of the future community challenges and opportunities. I have lived in the city for over 25 years with my wife, Kerry. We brought up our children in the area and they all went to local schools. My wife and I also act as relief child carers. I am a Justice of the Peace, President of the Success Residents Association and I sit on the Murdoch Drive Connection, Construction Reference Group. I run a small business in Success and have sat on the Boards of several organisations.  As a volunteer, I have been involved with community service clubs (I was a Deputy District Governor with Lions), Variety WA (raising funds for kids) and emergency services (as a volunteer fire fighter)

Why am I running for council?
Stepping up to the next level of community involvement by nominating to represent my ward as a councilor and to bring residents issues and needs to council consolidates my community involvement. Being involved with Success Residents Association and other residents groups, especially in the East Ward, I have found working with these groups as a way of getting things done within the ward and across the city. Each group has different issues, but many are the same and I am a great believer in working together to achieve the outcomes. I strongly believe in the youth of our city and what they can bring to the city. Their future views of what can be achieved within the city can assist in developing the future. The need to grow our businesses and industry to bring more opportunities and employment into the city is important for the future growth of our city.

My three top priorities if elected:

  • Champion greater community consultation and communications
  • Push for compulsory Rules of Conduct for all elected members
  • Push for increased youth programs and outreach activities


Name: Ayna Davies
Ward: East
Phone: 0430293511
Suburb of residence: Leeming

Are you a member of a political party? If so which one? No

About me:
I am not a politician. I am a successful Project Manager with more than 18 years of experience with involvement in numerous projects (Landgate, Fiona Stanley Hospital Project, Chevron, Wilson Group, INPEX, Toyota WA), a small business owner and entrepreneur (Founder/Director of Experience Cuba Tours), a wife to a wonderful man who serviced the Royal Flying Doctor Service as a pilot for 8 years, a mother of 2 young kids, and a proud owner to a German Shepherd (in no-specific order). We are passionate about supporting and improving the local community where we live. We aim to become activists within the community, a facility to the community, and to help people to respond to their problems as they perceive them to be. I have a deep understanding of technology, the ability to manage people, time and expectations, I am anchored to the community, and i have a very enquiring mind.

Why I’m running for council:
Because i am committed to Making a Difference! I will always try my best and make personal efforts on behalf of the community, aiming to make positive impacts and outcomes. It is not about me or my personal views, or my personal believes, it’s about representing the community as a whole.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Listen to the all community, every opinion, every concern, every angle…
  • Investigate all the facts and act in the best interest and on behave of the community regardless of my personals views or opinion. Ensure sustainable, viable and solid solutions and alternatives.
  • I will never make a promise i cannot deliver.


Name: Steve Greenwood
Ward: East Ward
Phone: 0403012036
Suburb of residence: Hammond Park

Are you a member of a political party? If so which one? No

About me:
I was born in the UK and moved to Western Australia in 1991. I have lived in the Cockburn area for 15 years and have enjoyed watching Cockburn grow to the thriving city it is today. I am a single father with two teenage daughters. I am qualified as an Electronic/Electrical Technician having achieved an associate diploma – primarily based in Railway signalling. I have subsequently obtained a Diploma in Financial Services and I currently operate and own my own small business in Financial services based in Cockburn. I previously owned Jandakot Print prior to selling that business in 2000. My hobbies include AFL (I am a member of the banner team for the Dockers), Golf, Reading and Walking.

Why I’m running for council:
Over the years I have lived in Cockburn I have become increasingly concerned with the lack of consultation the Cockburn council have had with the residents of the city. The council have become disconnected with the people they deem to represent and I want to start changing that. The fiasco with Roe8 is a perfect example – we still do not know how the majority of residents feel about this project which was (and still is) a vital piece of infrastructure for movement of people throughout the city. A residents poll should have been conducted to verify the majority opinion rather than the council listening to the noisy minority.
A balance of residents needs/wants together with expert opinion is the correct procedure for a connected council.
I am also concerned about the political influences on the council and believe an independent voice needs to be heard.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • CONGESTION – With growth comes the need to build infrastructure, including Roe Highway, enabling efficient traffic flow.
  • CRIME – CCTV roll out throughout the city and the use of technology to work hand in hand with the city’s security arm – Co-Safe
  • CONSULTING – Balancing residents views and expert advice.




Name: Phoebe Corke
Ward: West
Phone: 0407606696
Suburb of residence: Hamilton Hill

Are you a member of a political party? No.

About me:
I am a musician, event organiser and community campaigner and have lived in Cockburn for 12 years. I hold a Master of Law from Cambridge University and spent 15 years working as a business journalist and magazine editor.
I have worked for large and small businesses in a number of roles including Managing Director, Business Development Director and Finance Director. Before becoming a journalist I worked for an international management consultancy company, working in London and Paris. I ran my own small publishing company and currently work part-time as a band booking agent, tour manager and publicist. I have a great deal of experience working with community groups and volunteers from my time organising events and from working with ActionAid, Gimme Shelter and Save Beeliar Wetlands – for human rights, the homeless and the environment. My diverse skills, education, honesty and community spirit make me an ideal candidate for councillor.

Why I’m running for council:
Cockburn’s population is forecast to rise by 50% in the next 20 years and we live in the fastest drying region of the driest continent on earth. I am passionate about environmental issues but I am also a realist. This is a crucial time to get our local planning right for our future social and economic requirements. We need to ensure rezoning retains green spaces. I am not against high density but in favour of creative urban planning, designing beautiful places to live, work and play with great facilities and easy access to public transport. We need more street trees and vegetation in new and existing developments and we need to look closely at parking and traffic.
Cockburn is on the brink of massive change but if sustainably managed we can retain the existing character of our suburbs and enhance our daily lives with a more connected and engaged community.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • City planning for a sustainable future
  • Intelligent traffic and transport solutions
  • Preserving the heritage and culture of the West Ward



Name: Antony Svilicich
Ward: West
Phone: 0438941553
Suburb of Residence: Coogee

Are you a member of a political party? If so which one? No.

About me:
I have been a resident within the City of Cockburn for over thirty years growing up in the suburb of Spearwood. I have many fond memories of my childhood playing backyard cricket and having water balloon fights with other kids in our street. I have worked in the corporate world for 25 years, but have recently started my own business called Cockburn Airport Transfers with the aim of providing an affordable means of getting to and from Perth Airport for residents living within the City of Cockburn. My educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Business Degree (Dbl Major in Management and Operations Mgmt), Post Grad. Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety and a Certificate III in Travel and Tourism. I am passionate about all things Cockburn and look forward to representing all residents on council.

Why I’m running for council:
I have seen a lot of positive changes in Cockburn over the last thirty years but believe there is a lot more that can be done to ensure Cockburn is the best place to live in Perth. Redevelopment of the old Cockburn Power Station into a vibrant community hub will create jobs for locals and increase tourism. I believe in medium density housing which promotes passive design strategies over high rise development. Sadly, crime is on the increase and “hooning” vehicles continue to create a nuisance for residents, so we need pro-active measures to deal with these issues. The Cockburn coast along with the Beeliar wetlands are our greatest asset and need to be protected to ensure they remain in their natural state for generations to come. All of this requires careful planning and effective leadership, and I believe I can provide this.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Advocate for redevelopment of the old Cockburn Power Station.
  • Provide more focus on Safety and Security.
  • Review Zoning schemes in the City to provide for more medium density living.


Name: Tony Romano
Ward: West Ward
Phone: 0407 388 139
Suburb of residence: Spearwood

Are you a member of a political party? If so which one?

About me:
I chose the City of Cockburn to raise my family, with my wife Patricia and our three children, and we have been happily for 40 years. My children were educated in this ward as primary school students, and now live in this ward and I have a small business located in the West Ward and employ a number of local Cockburn residents. My professional background includes over 30 years in the financial services industry and now in the commercial real estate sector. I am passionate about small business and creating job opportunities for our community. I facilitate this passion by assisting small business owners through my role as the president of the Melville-Cockburn Chamber of Commerce.

Why I’m running for council:
As a 30-year resident of Spearwood and Hamilton Hill and former Cockburn councilor of eight years, I have a strong passion for the local community. In more recent years, I have become more concerned with the direction the Council has taken on issues such as its anti Roe 8 stance, without broader community consultation. Furthermore, its extravagant waste of money and resources towards the recent review of whether the City of Cockburn should move the current Australia Day festivities to another date, again without broader community input. As a West Ward resident, it has become apparent that older western suburbs have been financially shortchanged at the expense of the newer eastern suburb corridor. These are just examples that reinforce my views that current councilors have lost touch with the Cockburn community at large. It is time for a change – the Council must focus on local government issues, not individual agendas.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Fight for a better financial deal for West Ward residents
  • Maintain annual rates increases to no more than the inflation rate
  • Improve traffic congestion by reinstating a Roe 8 plan


Candidates who did not respond:

Chontelle Sands
Philip Eva
Janetia Knapp
Tarun Dewan
Anita De Klerk
Peter Holliday
Kevin Allen
Michael Separovich
Bart Houwen