Town of Cottesloe 2017 local government election candidates

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Below are the background profiles of candidates for this local government authority. Candidates running in the election authorised and provided their background profiles to Community Newspaper Group for publication. Candidate contact details are included in each profile.


Name: Sandy Boulter
Ward contested (if applicable): Cottesloe Mayor
Phone: 0427 508 582
Suburb of residence: Cottesloe

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me: 

I am a Cottesloe Councillor. I have worked as a lawyer specialising in town planning, administrative and mental health law. I was awarded UWA Law School prize in town planning law. I give free seminars on planning and development laws, to interested Councillors and community groups. I edited and contributed to the book “Coastal Law of Western Australia”. I have worked as a midwife and intensive care nurse. I am a mother of 5 adult children and grandmother to 3 young grandchildren. I ocean swim year round. I walk my dog daily at Cottesloe dog beach. I clean up plastic from dog beach to protect our marine life. One of my many Cr. Notices of Motions (a mechanism to bring a Cr’s particular issues onto the Council agenda) was to ask Council to ban balloons at Council events, to stop balloons polluting our Cottesloe Reef Fish Habitat Protection Area.

Why I’m running:

As Mayor, my professional legal town planning expertise together with my two years as a Cottesloe Councillor will help steer Council through its many complex legal issues. For example, development decisions directly affect us all. I will agitate to minimise adverse impacts on our community from poor state government development laws, which do not even give appeal rights to affected neighbours. I see our Cottesloe Village thriving through clever innovative planned infill; shaded safe rejuvenated parks, playgrounds and sportsgrounds, and even a skatepark; a clean litter free accessible safe natural beach and marine environment and Safe Active Streets fostering great community events. To achieve this, I see enhanced contracts and expenditure oversight, expanded community consultation and improved Council meeting practices. Planning together decisively will identify the opportunities to work on now for a healthy future for Cottesloe.

My top three priorities if elected: 

• Increased engagement of community expertise and experience in Council’s decision making, especially for the foreshore, Marine Parade and Cottesloe Village
• Renewal of Cottesloe’s reserves, parks and playgrounds, including: a skatepark, improved dog walking experiences, and safer slower shaded streets
• Improved Council meeting practices, bringing increased Council engagement in and oversight of the TOC administration practices and expenditure, to reduce/minimise rates rises and improve community infrastructure and access

Name: Philip Angers
Ward: Mayor
Phone: 0438 201 147
Suburb of residence: Cottesloe

Are you a member of a political party? No.

About me:
I have enjoyed living in Cottesloe for 40 years. My wife Carol and I are partners in a Cottesloe Village toy shop, we have a 26 year old son Luke and a dog Obi. I’m a long time member of North Cottesloe Surf Club where I enjoy meeting friends. I have completed 4 successful team swims in the Rottnest Channel event and have paddled part of the Yukon in a canoe. As owner of my own successful Investment Firm, Rothschild Asset Management offered the opportunity to join their group. Later, I became their Executive Director for South-East Asia. I have 4 years experience as President for Cottesloe Village and I’m currently a Mentor For Curtin Business School. See LinkedIn Philip Angers After 4 years as Councillor and Deputy Mayor, I would like to become Mayor to ensure the exciting plans the current Council has put in place, are not undone.

Why I’m running for council:
Taking Action, Getting Results.
As a long time resident, I love Cottesloe’s relaxed beachside lifestyle. However, the foreshore and town centre are ageing and Infrastructure needs replacing. The current council has exciting plans to rejuvenate 6011. As the current Deputy Mayor, I seek the opportunity to put those plans into action now!
If elected Mayor, I will:
• Rejuvenate Cottesloe Foreshore, playgrounds, beach, disability and cycle paths.
• End Indiana’s toilets debacle, ensuring strict toilet and building maintenance.
• Develop Wearne Aged Care Centre without overshadowing neighbours.
• Revitalise Station street and build a much needed public toilet in Cottesloe Village.
• Keep Council rates low.
• Create a safe drop-off for North Cottesloe School, while protecting mature trees.
• Maintain our ageing infrastructure.
• Redesign Eric Street Bridge.
Executive Director Rothschild Asset Management. Business Mentor Curtin Business School. Partner Fiddlesticks Toys. President Cottesloe Village.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Rejuvenate Cottesloe Foreshore, playgrounds, beach, disability and cycle paths.
  • End Indiana’s toilets debacle, ensuring strict toilet and building maintenance
  • Develop Wearne Aged Care Centre without overshadowing neighbours




Name: Kirsty Barrett
Ward contested (if applicable): North Ward, Cottesloe
Phone: 0419953863
Suburb of residence: Cottesloe

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:

• I have lived in Cottesloe for many years with my husband and three children and we love the relaxed, beach lifestyle.
• I am a Chartered Accountant with extensive board and management experience and a sound understanding of good governance.
• I have a strong track record for getting things done.
• I was instrumental in lobbying for a new Toy Library and Day Care Centre and bringing the Scout and Playgroup Community Hall to fruition.
• I was pivotal in gaining Education Department support for 9 new classrooms for North Cottesloe Primary School.
• I have been a key driver in the Cott+PLUS plan, that gained support from the Town of Cottesloe, to transform the Cottesloe foreshore in an aesthetically pleasing, usable, sustainable and beneficial way.
• As past North Cottesloe Primary School Board Member, P&C President and Toy Library President, I have been an active community member.

Why I’m running for council:

• I’d like to preserve the relaxed, beach lifestyle of Cottesloe, but feel it’s time for our area to be rejuvenated, enhanced and transformed into a vibrant and sophisticated destination for locals and visitors.
• I have decided to run for Council as I would be disappointed to see all the good progress on the Foreshore redevelopment unravel in the wrong hands.
• I would also like to focus on enhancing pedestrian and cyclist safety and addressing traffic flow and rail crossover issues.
• I believe a whole-of-Cottesloe bike plan for improved cycle and pedestrian paths, including end of trip facilities, is important to encourage more local walking and cycling.
• I am keen to see family facilities integrated into Cottesloe, transforming areas for active play, such as upgrading sporting facilities, adding a skate park and bike pump track, and also providing opportunities for markets and creative events.

My top three priorities if elected:

• Cottesloe Rejuvenation and Beachfront Revitalisation
• Integrating family facilities into Cottesloe and Transforming areas for Active Play, including Updating Sporting Facilities
• Enhanced Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety and addressing traffic flow and rail crossover issues


Name: Helen Sadler
Ward Contested: North Ward
Mobile Number: 0431 461 967
Email address:
Suburb of residence: Cottesloe

Am I a member of a political party? No

About me:
I am a GP and long-term resident of North Ward, Cottesloe. My roles as General Practitioner and mother of three teenagers provide me with the background needed to understand what ensures a healthy, functioning community for our future generations. I have a collaborative approach to decision making. A decade’s service and training on not for profit boards has given me the essential skills needed to ensure the transparent and effective governance that is needed for Council to run effectively. Two years living in the Netherlands with a young family opened my eyes to how much better communities function when local trips and activities are made easily accessible by foot and by bike. Kids have more independence, parents are better off and local businesses thrive. My medical and Board experience equips me to lead Cottesloe to achieve genuine progress to become a healthier 21st century suburb.

Why I’m standing for council:
I am standing because I have the passion and determination to leave a healthy legacy for Cottesloe’s future generations. I’m standing for today’s children who don’t have the freedom I had as a child. For parents whose days seem dominated by running kids around by car. For the elderly who become isolated through lack of community connections. For all residents frustrated by lack of transparency and consultation. I will:

• Insist on good governance
• Improve community consultation for rezoning and development applications
• Ensure sustainable planning and development for a healthy future
• Find 21st century solutions to Curtin Ave congestion
• Continue my work for a complete bike path network in Cottesloe
• Promote a shady tree canopy for a healthy next generation
• Improve parks for people of all ages and abilities
• Support foreshore design that places people and public space at the centre of design

My top three priorities if elected:

• Improving governance, community consultation and engagement
• A healthier more liveable suburb through improved East-West connectivity, a local bike plan, increased tree canopy, high quality parks and local events
• Developing innovative ways to activate our local shopping precincts that assist with their long-term viability




Name: Lorraine Young
Ward contested (if applicable): South
Phone: 0413 590 162
Suburb of residence: Cottesloe

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I am a long-term Cottesloe resident, having spent the last 18 years here with my husband, raising three sons. I love living here. I practised as a corporate lawyer before starting my family. I am a dog-lover, beach-user and sports fan and have been an active and committed community member, serving as President of Seaview Community Kindergarten, North Cottesloe Primary School P&C President and School Board member and in various roles with Cottesloe Magpies football club. I am a good listener and am reasoned and balanced in my approach to issues concerning our suburb. I firmly believe that local issues should be addressed with civility and respect for differing views.

Why I’m running for council:
In my 18 years living in Cottesloe very little has changed. It’s great that we have retained the essential character of Cottesloe, but our facilities are crying out for improvement. I think it’s time to get on with our beachfront rejuvenation and improving our sport and recreation facilities and pedestrian and cycling routes, including ensuring safe and suitable access for everyone. Redevelopment projects in Cottesloe must meet community expectations and we need to work further on community-led planning for the future. I want to build on progress that our current Council has made to enhance our suburb, and to bring these projects to fruition.

My top three priorities if elected:

• Beachfront rejuvenation
• Enhanced sports and recreation facilities
• Safe access for pedestrians and cyclists


Name: Shirley Primeau
Ward contested: South Cottesloe
Phone: 042377021
Suburb of residence: Cottesloe

Are you a member of a political party? If yes, which party? No.

About me:
Shirley Primeau has lived in Cottesloe for many years, first living in north, and now south Cottesloe.
Shirley is passionate about the community and is well acquainted with its affairs. She was actively involved in the Marine Parade Traffic Group to resolve issues affecting the community on this busy road, and now is dedicated to ensuring South Cottesloe gains improved allocated funding and resources. Shirley was an active Australian Army Reservist and worked full-time in this role when deployed. She gained experience in management, organisation, and resource allocation whilst serving, and hopes to use these skills to serve Cottesloe. As a carer herself, she has been involved in issues surrounding disabilities, and ran as a Federal Election candidate for the Carers Alliance. Shirley is an active and visible member of the community. She can be seen walking with her daughter and her dog, gardening, or catching up with other Cottwegians.

Why I’m running for council:
1)- Better access for the disabled among us. A benefit for them is a benefit for everyone. This is one of the most certain marks of a civilised society and we should not feel ashamed of affirming our care for others. And let me tell you, we can do MUCH better.
2) – Traffic on Marine Parade and Curtin Avenue. Why are we the only famous seaside suburb in Australia to provide free parking for all comers, locals or not? Make Marine Parade a “ tourist drive” and reduce the speed to 40km/hour. Curtin Ave truck free. And as for the FFL, we saw how easily that our interests were laughed at. Why? Because we didn’t have a council who would stand up for us. Vote for me and that will be different.
3)- Vlamingh Park
Cooperate with Mosman Park to build a park that celebrates our past and our future for all of us. And solve our unfair traffic problem for once and for all. We live here after all.
I’ve got my own ideas but I will LISTEN to what you think about them and then TELL the bureaucrats we pay for what they have to do. I don’t belong to any faction or group and the voters of South Cottesloe are the only people who tell me what to do.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Curtin Avenue – trucks off.
  • Marine Parade reduce speed limit to 40km/hour the entire length.
  • Better beach and pathway access for people with disability. A benefit for them is a benefit for everyone.




Name: Elizabeth Sprivulis
Ward contested: Central
Phone: 0418 928 386
Suburb of residence: Cottesloe
Are you a member of a political party?  No

About me:

My name is Elizabeth and I run Before that I worked in as a researcher in federal politics and in protocol at the US Consulate. Before that I received BA Honours from UWA in political science and French. Before that I attended John XXIII College. I am more commonly known by my nickname, Billie. I am passionate about running a good business and being a good steward of our precious Earth.

Why I’m running for council:

I have had the great fortune of living in and around Cottesloe for most of my life. As a business owner and resident, I read and reflect a lot on how we can make our community even better. There has never been a greater or more urgent call for strong communities acting locally than right now. As your councillor, I will support community-minded initiatives that are subject to wide consultation. A sustainable, 21st century Cottesloe that takes pride in and cultivates its natural assets would be part of this vision. I like meeting people and would love to hear from you.

My top three priorities if elected: 

• Plastic free zone at all beaches in Cottesloe.
• Supporting walkability through increased tree shade.
• A skate park or nature-based playgrounds to encourage imaginative, active and social play.


Name: Melissa Harkins
Ward: Central Ward
Phone: 0401 671 849
Suburb of residence: John St Cottesloe

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I live in John St with my husband and two teenage children. My children were educated at North Cottesloe primary school where I was involved in the P&C, including one year as president. I am a part time lecturer in the school of business at ECU in tourism. I began my involvement with civic duties when I was president of the Cottesloe Toy Library. Our family has been actively involved with the North Cottesloe surf club were my son is now a cadet. We have a family dog that we exercise at Harvey Field and the North Cott dog beach. Our family love Cottesloe beach all year round and particularly like the Sculptures by The Sea exhibition where my husband is involved as a volunteer. We use the train a great deal to get to work and school and would love to cycle more if bike paths were enhanced.

Why I’m running for council:
I fell that things have been left to just stagnate in Cottesloe for far too long. I want Cottesloe to be a relaxed but vibrant suburb with quality facilities for all rate payers and visitors. Some great work has been done by members of the community on projects such as proposed upgrades to the beachfront area, Harvey Field facilities, bike paths and a skate park. If elected to the Cottesloe council I will support these projects and try and get the ball rolling on these enhancements as soon as possible. I will support the continuation of Sculptures by the Sea and the occasional outdoor concert on the beach and at the Civic Centre. I would particularly like the Civic Centre to be more widely used by our community as I believe such a wonderful and iconic asset is currently under utilised. I look forward to representing the people of Cottesloe.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Cottesloe Beachfront revitalisation
  • Harvey Field facilities upgrade
  • Skate Park development within Cottesloe


Candidates who did not respond:

Michael Tucak