City of Kwinana 2017 local government election candidates

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Below are the background profiles of candidates for this local government authority. Candidates running in the election authorised and provided their background profiles to Community Newspaper Group for publication. Candidate contact details are included in each profile.

MORE: Carol Adams re-elected Mayor of Kwinana after being returned at council election

Name: Carol Adams
Phone: 94191603
Suburb of residence: Wellard

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I have proudly served the Kwinana community as a Councillor since 1997 and Mayor since 2006.  I reside in Wellard with my husband and we have a blended family of five adult children and two grandchildren.  I have a legal background and practised law up until 2011 when I transitioned to the very busy and fulfilling role of full-time Mayor. . I am a WA Local Government State Councillor and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  I am community minded and am active in Kwinana as a volunteer on several not for profit committees and boards.
In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors, especially walking my dogs.  Kwinana boasts an abundance of beautiful bushland areas and walking trails, and spring is the perfect time to get out and enjoy what Kwinana has to offer.  It’s true, Kwinana really is Perth’s best kept secret.

Why I’m running for council:
Kwinana is one of Australian’s fastest growing outer metropolitan councils.  Growth comes with challenges to ensure that our diverse and growing community enjoys a modern vibrant lifestyle with facilities, services and local employment opportunities.  No longer is Council about roads, rates and rubbish. With the current tight fiscal environment, we must find innovative ways to identify commercial opportunities to provide businesses with the confidence to invest in Kwinana, therefore securing much needed future employment opportunities.  I have a strategic focus and the drive, energy and enthusiasm to be part of Kwinana’s leadership team.  I want to continue to work with key stakeholders and government to build on the heavy lifting the Council has already done.

I enjoy making a positive difference to the lives of many in the community.  I have the motivation and commitment, and I want to continue to serve the Kwinana community as an elected member.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Demonstrable support to the government to ensure the timely planning and delivery of “Westport”, the new port in our industrial area
  • Encourage economic development & employment opportunities in Kwinana
  • Support and encourage programs to improve the education outcomes of our children and youth

Name: Ruth Alexander
Phone: 0407770607
Suburb of residence: Calista

Are you a member of a political party? No. I believe local government is about community, not politics.

About me:
I arrived here from the UK 27 years ago and have brought up my family here. I have worked in the heart of this community at the Koorliny Arts Centre for 25 years, and as a volunteer have been involved in the planning and organising of many community events including the Kwinana Festival, Carols in the Community, and the Anzac Day Service. My late husband and I were pastors of a small church in Medina, and I am currently a pastor in LifeWay Christian Centre in Parmelia. I believe in putting something back in return for the benefits I have enjoyed from being a part of such a unique and friendly community.

Why I’m running for council:
As a Councillor for the last 10 years, I am proud to have been part of a team that led the way in in voting out the Barnett Government’s attempt to amalgamate local governments in WA, and has overseen the remarkable evolution of Kwinana from country town to busy, multi-cultural city – the ongoing transformation of the shopping centre, the library, new sporting pavilions, new community centres, The Zone Youth Centre, The Children’s Adventure Playground, The Edge Skatepark and so much more. Our new housing developments are some of the best in Australia with many winning National Awards. I look forward to achieving more for the residents of Kwinana. I love this place and am committed to serving this community with honesty and integrity as a Councillor if re-elected. I believe my years of experience are a valuable asset as Kwinana moves into the 21st century.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Continue to progress the construction of the new Kwinana Port which will provide jobs for our husbands, children and grandchildren. 
  • Ensuring that our natural bushland and abundance of trees are protected as far as is possible with the inevitable development that Kwinana faces.
  • Providing the services and facilities that our growing, multi-cultural community requires while minimising the cost impact on the budget.


Name: Kevin Desmond
Ward contested: Kwinana
Suburb of residence: Parmelia
Phone: 0411025907

Do you belong to a political party? No.

About me:
I am a long term resident of Kwinana. I would like to stop the apathy regarding Council matters. Hope to create more debate in the community about important issues.

Why I am running for council:
I am running for Council because of the secretive way Kwinana Council  works and the conflict of interests between Councillor Adams and her husband the Director of the Kwinana Industrial Council Chris Oughton.  A clear clash is the way the Kwinana Industrial Council is trying to increase the industrial buffer at the expense of residents and a major 1000 home development. Another conflict is the Outer Harbour. Why is Kwinana Council spending money promoting  the Outer Harbour which is a Kwinana Industrial Council plan. There has not been a job created in Kwinana in five years. People are moving to Rockingham at twice the rate of Kwinana. Kwinana needs to become a clean smart community not dirty old Kwinana. Kwinana Council is more suited for the 19th century rather than the 21st. The biggest contract in Kwinanas history, costing over 20 million dollars and not one public meeting. To make it worse the contract is for burning waste. The health issues are horrific but it also reinforces the stereotype of Dirty Old Kwinana. No rate increases above inflation. This year Kwinana Council is spending five million more than they earn this has to stop.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Three Bin Waste System
  • Plant more trees. If developers cut down one lets plant two
  • Setup local recycling to create local jobs


Name:  Les Evans
Ward contested:  City of Kwinana
Phone: 0421 915 333
Suburb of residence: Wandi 6167

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me: I’ve six adult children and am passionate about family, gardening, cycling and helping others achieve their goals. I’m qualified in community safety and governance with experience in State and Commonwealth assignments. My community service includes leadership roles with the State cycling body, event management, not for profit organisations and Community Forums.

Why I’m running for council: My motivation is to contribute a future that balances the authentic values of our community, assets and lifestyle with business, services and jobs growth. Through life’s adventures, community volunteering and employment I’ve gained qualifications and experience in rural and social enterprise, committees, small business, local government and community safety.

Practical issues I’ll pursue through Council include engaging technology based resources against crime and antisocial behaviours; age appropriate outdoors activity spaces for toddlers; enclosed dog exercise areas with poo bags and bins; a timely and effective mosquito eradication program; bus bays providing shelter without intruding on footpath space; improved cycling infrustructure to encourage cycling as an alternative means of commuting & recreation; and value for money services and facilities.  My reputation for honesty, integrity, empathy, solution focus and good humour, along with your vote, will give you a staunchly proactive Councillor representing the diverse interests of businesses and residents.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Community safety – effective community safety initiatives;
  • Family focused outdoor facilities to support lifestyle demands; and
  • Value for money services and facilities


Name: Barry Green
Phone: 0400 662 948
Suburb of residence: Wandi

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I have lived in the City of Kwinana since completing the construction of our new home in Wandi.  I am married to Alison and we have three children.I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with over 17 years industry experience and am registered as an Adjudicator with the WA Building Commission.My experience in delivering high profile complex projects provides me with the necessary decision making and negotiation skills to undertake the role of Councillor.  As your councillor, I shall be efficient, consultative and a strong voice on council for the Kwinana Community.  I am an advocate of promoting openness, transparency, fiscal accountability and responsibility as these are all key requirements for good governance.

Why I’m running for council:
I am running for council as I want to contribute and make a difference to our community.  Kwinana has a strong community spirit and as a parent, I want to see our children have opportunities to develop.  My professional background puts me in a good position to be able to make important informed decisions in relation to planning and infrastructure development.  I feel I can bring a fresh approach to representing the community and to ensuring that our natural environment continues to be strong and vibrant for our future generations to grow and enjoy.  I am an independent candidate and have no allegiance to any one political party.  I support the Outer Harbour project (now known as the Westport project) and will strive to ensure that this project will benefit the City of Kwinana both in terms of economic stimulus and reducing our unemployment.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • To be representative and serve our community well
  • To support local business
  • Be a strong and fresh voice on council


Name: Jins James
Phone: 0424626205
Suburb of Residence: BERTRAM

About me:
I am JINS JAMES, contestant for Kwinana council election 2017 is a family oriented person, living in Bertram, married and had two kids. My wife is a Registered nurse and our Son studying in Peter Carnley Anglican School and Daughter attends day care centre.
I am a postgraduate inSocial Work and working as a community Welfare worker for the last 10 years. My role as a community welfare worker includesmental health, Disability, Aged work, Youth work, Community work and Working with indigenous peopleto accomplish their dreams.
I am a member of Events Planning Working Group and Multicultural Advisory Group in City of Kwinana.
As an active community member in Kwinana,
* Conducting “Group Blood Donation” program on a regular basis in Red Cross.
* Organising “Clean-up” program to serve and protect the nature.
* Encouraging people to participate in planting program in city of Kwinana
* Conducting forest camping named “Love the nature” to understand the need of preserving forest.

Why I am running for council:
I confirm that I am an approachable person and I shall be available for your needs when you need me. I will raise your issues.


  • Accessible Public Transport System, which focused mainly on the developing area and newly developed area for easy accessibility to the metro area.
  • Safe and Secure Kwinana, which includes more participation of Neighbourhoods watch service, more CCTV surveillance system to prevent bulgary and other crimes, also provide attainable emergency contact number for everyone.
  • Increase the amount of parking area, especially for the schools and small retail shops to encourage more people shopping from small retailers and thereby promoting small businesses.
  • Create more employment opportunities by welcoming corporates to Kwinana and promote local job opportunities for local people.
  • Support the nature by preventing afforestation and maintain clean and hygiene environment for next generation.
  • Create and promote an affordable life style programs for all age groups for better recreation and sporting activities in Kwinana.
  • Create more leisure parks in Kwinana by providing safe and secure recreation for family with more supply of barbeque and toilet facilities. Also, build pet friendly areas in existing park to provide better care and meet the needs of pet care.
  • Development of Kwinana beach and seashore for providing an enthralling experience.
  • Furthermore, I encourage all the community participants to participate more in community activities and socialise with other.

My Top Three points are:

  • Safe and secured Kwinana
  • Infrastructural development and increasing facilities
  • Create more employment opportunities


Name: Asti Jorgensen
Phone: 0435 093 660
Suburb of Residence: Parmelia

Are you a member of a political party? I am not a member of a political party.

About me:
I am 30 years old, I am a mother and enjoy life. I enjoy friends, family, fitness and work. I have worked in Education for 12 years in various roles including being an education assistant, teacher, acting deputy, project manager and now as a primary program coordinator. I spent my childhood growing up in Rockingham, moved away for a while and have returned and planted my roots in Parmelia. At first, I chose to live in Kwinana because of its location, train stations, shops, freeway, beach, cost of housing, etc. I soon realized why I really chose to live in Kwinana, for the community feel, vibrant activities for community members, ever-changing social events, increasing improvements from the Darius Wells Centre, Adventure Playground, Edge Skatepark, growing security, Bush Forever Sites and so much more. Therefore, I and so many others proudly call Kwinana home.

Why I am running for council:
Well, this is my third time running for Kwinana Council. They do say third time lucky! So why, well I want the younger generation to be heard. Kwinana is a rapidly growing City and the median age of residents is 32, however, they are not represented as such on the Council. What you can expect from me as a Councillor, I will not stand in front of you claiming promises that cannot be kept. I understand that I will be one of eight Councillors, there are processes around being a Councillor and that I will need time to learn these. What I can say is that I will be available to you. You can email, phone, social media, or talk to me at community events. I will listen to your concerns and voice them loudly to those around me who can help me make the greatest change for the better.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • – Safety & Security
  • – Sustainable & Healthy Lifestyles (includes Mental Health, Community Infrastructure, Waste Management)
  • – Heritage & Bush Conservation


Name: Sandra Lee
Phone: 9419 5940/Mobile: 045 112 9953

About me:
I have been a proud resident of Kwinana for 48 years and bought up my family here. I operate my own small business.  My passion is to ensure our community spirit lives on; our lovely parks and open spaces are maintained so everyone can enjoy them.  I understand the balance between development and the environment.  I am concerned with issues of health, community services, local sports groups, employment and support security for our citizens.

I am committed to Kwinana, our residents and our future as a progressive sustainable and vibrant Local Government.  I love serving the wonderful people in our community, listening to and representing your interests. Being actively involved in our community throughout my life and during the last 12 years as a Councillor, I have contributed to decisions that bring the most beneficial results which are delivered cost effectively. I am not a member of any political party.
I am a graduate of Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Philosophy.  I am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. (GAICD)  My home is in Orelia.
Over the past 12 years being a Councillor our wonderful City has built infrastructure projects which are outstanding and have managed to put Kwinana on the map in the metropolitan area in a positive light.  To name a few:-

  • The Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre
  • The Adventure Park
  • The Edge Skate Park

I bring experience and reliability to continue our future as a progressive sustainable and vibrant Local Government.


Name: Mihael McCoy
Phone: 0413 043 612
Suburb of Residence: Wellard

Are you a member of a political party? Yes, I am a Liberal and currently on State Executive.

About me:
My formative years were spent living in the beautiful street of Leasham Way, Medina before moving to Wellard when I was 17. The McCoy household was full of activity and community involvement on a number of levels. Our long hot summers were spent around water and street cricket and in winter we would recklessly ride our BMX bikes over the drain that had filled with water in the Apex Park. As a true “son of Kwinana” life was carefree and adventurous. They were the “wonder years”.

After law school I entered into commercial practice for a time and then the ministry. Professionally, I have worked in governance and education law in the Independent Schools sector serving on a number of boards in that sector. Today, I am a father to three amazing children and I understand the pressures and responsibilities of fatherhood. My life has been invested in building community.

Why I am running for Council:
I am running for council because I believe in community service and the capacity of empowering people to be their “best selves”. I also believe that Council could benefit from my legal skills and business acumen. I have a unique understanding of Kwinana. I am a product of its environment and aware of opportunities that can be created for local residents.

As someone who grew up here, went to school here and chooses to raise a family here, I have a vested interest in seeing Kwinana prosper and succeed. I believe my skills set will be a “value add” for Kwinana and I am enthusiastic to be a strong advocate for Kwinana and apply sound community governance and stewardship principles to the role.  I will bring a common sense approach to decisions and will be a guardian of Australian values and institutions.

My top three priorities if elected: 

  • Sound community governance and financial stewardship.
  • Lower rates and better services for residents, community groups local organisations.
  • Building for a stronger more resilient community.



Name: Richard Pannell
Phone: 0402 042 997
Suburb of residence: Wellard

Are you a member of a political party? Liberal Party

About me:
I was born in Zimbabwe in 1979 and moved to Australia in 1987. The family moved to Kalamunda and I was able to go to Guildford Grammar. In 1996 I went to Germany as an exchange student for a year before returning to study at Murdoch University in Rockingham. During this period I moved into Kwinana and I have not left.

After university, I worked in IT delivering custom software projects and remote telephony (VOIP) services to remote sites. In 2007 I joined my family’s mining and water treatment equipment business as a sales engineer. In 2009 I took over Sales and Marketing. Signed license agreements in South African  (2010) and Chilie (2011). Setup branches in the UK (2012) and Peru (2013). In 2013 I added the Admin and Contract management departments to my portfolio. In 2014 and 2015 I supervised the company restructuring and was appointed CEO in 2016.

Why I’m running for council:
I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively to a wide variety of countries. Invariably people who travel compare home to where they are. I live in Kwinana because many of the things I see remind me why Australia is the lucky country and why I like Kwinana in particular. However, there are also a large number of things that invariably leave travelers thinking I wish home did this too or was more like that. For me, I see how isolated individuals are.
How disconnected people are from each other and how new people struggle to find their place here and in Australia as a whole. Many problems (suicide, addictions etc.) seem connected to this isolation. So why the city council? Because it is the best vehicle for building community. Why me? Because I believe that my experiences in business and in other cultures will help the community of Kwinana.

My top three priorities if elected: 

  • Improving the livability and community of Kwinana
  • Growing local business and community organizations
  • Responsible Finacial Management and Governance


Name:  Lauren Rickert
Phone: 0406 026 315
Suburb of residence: Leda

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I am 38, I have lived in Kwinana for 14 years, send my child to school here and work as a Youth Worker in the local community, so understand issues.

  • I have a degree in Sociology and currently a Post-Graduate student studying Social Impact at the University of Western Australia.
  • I am an associate member of the International Association of Impact Assessors; West Australian Association of Youth Workers, an ASIST Suicide Prevention Trainer and an active Toastmaster.

I am an advocate for change, early prevention of social issues, the environment, resilience and preserving personal values;

  • I support our volunteer organisations (Kwinana in Transition, and Resident groups) and support Kwinana’s Strategic Community Plan.
  • I am active in the community as a volunteer and promote Community connection and inclusion as being key to ensuring individuals do not feel rootless and disconnected from guiding norms and values, the most common reason for suicide.

Why I’m running for council:
By nominating for council I believe that I can create meaningful social change for all by influencing decision makers to attend to the needs of all people in our community. My educational background is what I feel sets me apart.

  • Having a degree in Sociology along with my Social Impact studies enables me to be able to assist to tackle some of the challenges we face by developing a sense of belonging; facilitating improved community safety and improving conservation and biodiversity in the area.
  • We must engage all stakeholders, at all levels, to assist in fixing the issues that lead to engrained social challenges.What we really need is a progress council that can continue to have Kwinana stand out.

To achieve this, I hope to work through real-world issues that impact the community and consult with all stakeholders to be able to influence change within the City of Kwinana.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Community: Strengthen community belonging and safety and ensure we are an inclusive council that promotes connection to place and supports the arts, culture and heritage.
  • Environment: Improve conservation and biodiversity and protect our future by being able to live sustainably. I would like to see sustainability, energy and water conservation promoted and for grass roots initiatives who have environmental aims to be supported and celebrated i.e. Initiatives such as native council verges and sustainable living practices.
  • Outer harbour: Ensuring we have an understanding about how the Outer Harbour will affect residents and what social impact it will have.So far, only economic and environmental impacts have been reported on with no mention of how residents may be affected by the Outer Harbour. Consultation with all stakeholders must take place to ensure we mitigate any risk or negative to impacts to Kwinana residents.


Name: Matthew Rowse
Phone: 0400 206008
Suburb of residence: Wellard

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I’m 47 – so I’m old enough to know what’s better and young enough to know what to do about it. I’m unique, outspoken, and always try to do my best.  I’m an ex-cop so will stand up for others. I’m healthy and have been an active volunteer in the community for the past 15 years as:

  • Committee member of the Kwinana Junior Knights Football Club,
  • Vice President of Peter Carnley School P&F,
  • Chairman of The Village At Wellard Residents Association,
  • Junior sports coach,
  • Committee member of various City of Kwinana and community working groups

I’m married, have two school aged children and I’ve been a ‘Stay At Home Dad’ for ten years.  I understand how hard it is to raise kids and what services are needed.
I love footy, country music and dogs. I will listen, be heard and won’t let you down.

Why I’m running for council:
People ask me ‘why?, and I answer that it is just a natural progression of what I’ve been doing for the past ten years. Kwinana is changing.  We have new families moving here daily and the Council needs a better representation of Councillors with young families.  Ratepayers expect better from Councillors and require a more passionate and energetic approach than we are currently getting.

Council is no longer responsible for just ‘Rates, Roads & Rubbish’ and Councillors are now expected by rate-payers to have more influence on matters outside the sphere of Local Government and advocate on their behalf in regards to matters on Policing, Education. Infrastructure and Transport. We don’t need to look into the past for Councillors.  We need to look for Councillors that have been actively involved in their communities for the past many years and are just not showing their faces now it’s election time.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • To provide Kwinana ratepayers with a modern perspective and a will to make Kwinana a vibrant city to live, work and visit.
  • To use my knowledge of local government and friendly relationship with the existing and newly elected Councillors to ensure a cohesive, apolitical, community focussed Council.
  • To ensure a safe environment for our families, particularly our children, so that they can enjoy our beautiful environment without concern.


Name: Douglas Scambler
Phone: 0407 195 880
Suburb of residence: Orelia

Are you a member of a political party? No I am not a member of any political party and have no aspirations to be a member.

About me: 

  • I’ve lived in Kwinana since 1956, I’m married, with 4 adult children who all live here.
  • I’m a Justice of the Peace a position I’ve held with pride since 1995. I have been a volunteer for years with many groups.
  • For 20 years I was an active member of the Kwinana Festival Fair Day, until this year when Councillors cancelled it after 64 years.
  • For years I’ve been Santa, including the Lolly Run on Christmas morning, which hopefully will continue for many years as it’s a part of Kwinana’s unique history.
  • Having lived here for 61 years, and previously been a Kwinana Councillor, plus years volunteering, I believe I have the integrity and extensive knowledge of our City to represent you openly and unbiasedly.
  • I embrace change and believe that Kwinana must move forward but in doing so it should retain our rich cultural historical past which makes Kwinana unique.

Why I’m running for council: 

  • I have nominated because I believe that the residents of Kwinana are not getting the representation that they fully deserve.
  • I don’t believe that at present the community are being consulted on major decisions made  by Council.
  • I embrace change and I believe that Kwinana must move forward but in doing so it should retain our rich cultural historical past which makes Kwinana so unique.
  • I will bring integrity and an extensive knowledge of our City to represent the residents openly and unbiasedly with no political interests.

My top three priorities if elected: 

  • I would like to see a transparency in Councils expenditure.
  • I would like to see fair honest open representation of Council
  • I do not support any adverse industries in Kwinana


Name: Mark Ward
Phone: 9467 2217
Suburb of residence: Leda

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me: I live in Kwinana and run a small business in the local area. With over 12 years previous experience in the banking & finance industry; delivering top results in two large Australian financial corporations, I want to put my skills of problem solving, financial acumen and ability to identify opportunities to good use for the benefit of the public. I have been in business for 4 years, employing locals and giving back to the community where I can (my business has contributed $2730 across the community in the last 2 years). I believe in the greater good and taking a no-nonsense commonsense approach to issues that require solutions. Respecting people, being empathetic and goodwill & care/concern for people are important to me as a person.

Why I’m running for council:
I see a lot of potential and opportunity in Kwinana and at the same time acknowledge that there are challenges that we need to overcome. The council/city has undertaken revitalisation works in the town centre, playground infrastructure projects and the skate park; but what’s next? Unemployment needs to be addressed, Crime and community safety need to be tackled with real world solutions and pressure applied to the mechanisms of government that expect us just to put up with crime and safety concerns as best we can, Council spending at times appears to be wasteful and there appears to be a top heavy payroll at the council. I want to work for the people of Kwinana, ensuring accountability and the future direction of the city is in the interests of the greater good.

My top three priorities if elected: 

  • -Jobs & Business Opportunities
  • -Crime & Safety
  • -Council Expenditure


Name: Sheri Wood
Phone: 0459191964
Suburb of residence: Orelia

Are you a member of a political party? If so, which one? Did not disclose.

About me:
I’m a retired teacher who’s lived in Kwinana since 1970 and a member of the RSL. I’ve worked hard and achieved much for you as a past Councillor reflected  by the fact that I was awarded a Certificate of Merit from the West Australian Local Government Association for services to Kwinana. I still have a lot more that I need to do for our community. My ongoing commitment to Kwinana can be shown by the fact that I sit on a number of committees which help Kwinana including one which works with Kwinana and five other local Councils. I’ve several priorities for Kwinana. I need your support to ensure that Kwinana becomes an even better place to live

My top three priorities if elected: 

  • Encouraging more businesses to relocate or start up in Kwinana, providing job
  • Enticing more Government services to move into Kwinana
  • Balancing development with environment

Did not respond:
Charles Coombs