City of Nedlands 2017 local government election candidates

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Below are the background profiles of candidates for this local government authority. Candidates running in the election authorised and provided their background profiles to Community Newspaper Group for publication. Candidate contact details are included in each profile.


Name: Christine Jordan
Ward Contested: Coastal
Phone: 0409 086 412
Suburb of residence: Mount Claremont
Are you a member of a political party? Yes, Liberal Party

About me:
I moved into the Swanbourne area in 1970 after growing up and gaining my nursing profession in South Australia. I raised my young family here and continue to enjoy living & working in the area. A special place to live, rich in amenities, superb open spaces, characteristic suburbs and lasting friendships. In recent years, since my children have grown & moved away, I have continued to engage in the pursuits of my local community with impassioned vigour. I have participated on committees in many fundraising efforts with local community groups.

Why I’m running for council:
I have reached a time in my life where I have the time to dedicate to improving the lives of the residents and ratepayers that share this great city with me.
I have always held the belief that only through speaking up, can we have our voice heard. I am passionate about upholding the ideal that quality of life should not diminish as we grow older, rather that it be equally attainable by all, regardless of age. My aim is to harness the privilege of this position to pursue the ongoing wellbeing of all our City’s people

• My commitment upon election to council is to represent all residents of the Nedlands Electorate with passion and purpose.

• My vision for the future allows for Nedlands Electorate to maintain its standards through sound financial management, ensuring viability and accountability through effective governance.

• I am actively engaged in ensuring our City’s Retirement Villages and Aged Care facilities are being run effectively and being held to account for the benefit and welfare of its residents.


Name: Kerry Smyth
Ward contested: City of Nedlands Coastal Ward
Phone: 9384 2122
Suburb of residence: Mt Claremont

Are you a member of a political party? Unanswered

About me:
I have eight years experience as a councillor, strengthened with the elected members development framework training.  During that time (2008-17) my contact with community and stakeholders has been extensive. In addition, through my working career I bring senior level experience in customer service, marketing, project and contract management, procurement, plus financial, human resource and asset management. My voluntary community contribution has included playgroups, after-school care board, school fundraising, youth group, graduate mentoring and work experience placements.  I also have enjoyed activities with local yacht clubs, surf clubs, aquatic and dance fitness classes.

Mount Claremont is my home, I love the near- city location, the bushland feel, the easy beach and river access, and most of all the relaxed pace of life.  That’s why 25 years ago my husband and I built a new family home in this location and have been City of Nedlands residents ever since.

Why I’m running for council:
I have a strong community spirit and want to give back the best way I can by applying my experience and technical insight as an skilled professional woman. Protecting and improving our local and regional amenities is a priority. I am able to contribute by drawing on my professional expertise applying skills in mapping, land and property information and corporate strategic planning. I also have a comprehensive understanding of local government, having served two terms as a local councillor representing residents interests and improving our local community. I believe the major challenge in managing our urban environment is achieving balance between a healthy lifestyle, sustainability ideals and development pressures. I am experienced and can fully participate in council meetings, committees, workshops, briefings, formalities, celebrations and community events. Finally, I have worked hard with the council team, to drive many new initiatives.  I want to see these initiatives through to completion.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Fairness in underground powerline funding.
  • Maximise bushland retention in Swanbourne/Allen Park Precinct.
  • Improve parking at west Karrakatta train station.


Name: Paul Wyndham
Ward contested: Central
Phone: 0412 599 779
Suburb of residence: Mount Claremont

About me:
From a young teenager I have lived, worked, and raised a family in the City of Nedlands. Over that time my family and I have enjoyed the developed landscape, large open spaces and friendly environment that the City has to offer. This is a lifestyle I am keen to maintain! I have played and coached junior football and cricket, been a supporter of Tresillian art awards and a 20 year active member of the Claremont/Nedlands Lions. I want nothing more than to maximise the special features that the City of Nedlands offers and make them even more accessible and known to all residents. Highlighting an increased sense of COMMUNITY is a major goal for me.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Raise community awareness and participation.
  • Insist on sensible, rational ,forward planning and budget spending
  • Be accessible to the ratepayers of the Coastal Ward at all times.


Name: Bradley Forbes
Ward contested: Dalkeith Ward, City of Nedlands
Phone: 0414 880 713
Suburb of residence: Dalkeith

Are you a member of a political party?  No, however I was a Young Liberal member in 2015.

About me:
I’m 24 years old, have spent the last 15 years in Dalkeith and I love to get involved in the community. I’ve been an active member within the City, most recently at the University of WA prior to the boundary adjustments. In 2016, I sat as a councillor for the UWA Student Guild and ran the largest society on campus, the Economics and Commerce Students’ Society. as its president. Prior to that in 2015, I was an executive committee member for the Relay For Life UWA Cancer Council fundraiser campaign and event. These roles gave me a great insight into governance, having sat on not just student committees and boards, but additionally the UWA Business School Faculty Board and various university councils and committees. In addition, I’m a long serving member of Nedlands-based Western Suburbs Cricket Club Board, of which I have been an active member since 2012.

Why I’m running for council:
I’m running for council as I believe it’s time to add a touch of youth to the council. Over 40% in the Ward of Dalkeith are aged under 40, yet there is no reflection of this on the council. Through my experiences gained on various councils and boards at university I feel I have the necessary qualifications to add tangible benefit to the people of Dalkeith as their representative. I’d also like to utilise this experience in engaging youth, into sparking interest and participation from the youth of the Nedlands community. I want to be a firm voice on council advocating on issues affecting Dalkeith residents such as the closure of The Avenue at the north end. Finally, I’d like to add feedback mechanisms for residents to adequately voice their opinions and concerns regarding projects, such as the Sunset redevelopment, through technological and in-person forums.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Advocate for residents on Dalkeith centric issues such as the proposed “The Avenue
  • closure” and Sunset redevelopment.
  • Ensure the concerns of Dalkeith residents are adequately heard through online and in-person feedback mechanisms.
  • Enhance community involvement through the increase in both number and quality of events.


Name: Bill Hassell, AM, JP
Ward contested Dalkeit
Phone: 0417 902 915
Suburb of residence: Nedlands

Are you a member of a political party?  Yes, Liberal Party – but not running under a Party banner

About me:
Born in Western Australia. Educated at State and private schools in both the city and the country. University degrees in law and MA in politics. Worked as a commercial lawyer and later became a State MP for Cottesloe. Served as a Minister in the government of Sir Charles Court. Later Party Deputy Leader and Leader. After leaving Parliament was WA President of the Liberal Party. Experience as a company director with public companies and as an adviser with own firm. Worked for major accounting firm. Later Agent General for Western Australia in Britain and Europe. Former honorary Consul for Germany. Have served for many years on the Board of a major not-for-profit and raised funds each year for another not-for-profit. Rotarian. Member of the Dalkeith Tennis Club since the 1960s. I have done much community work and served in many voluntary organisations. Sue and I have three adult children.

Why I’m running for council:
Nedlands is a special place and I want to keep it that way. I first came here in 1961 and I have lived here most of my years since then. Since 2011 we have kept Nedlands on an even keel – a functional Council, no factions, everyone contributing to debates and an excellent administration which responds to the policy views of the Council. That is as it should be.
There was and is a significant backlog of road, footpath, building, sporting club and other facility maintenance and renewal which is being tackled through long term planning and action in consultation with the community. Adam Armstrong Pavilion is an example of it.
At the same time, we have and will maintain the basic services people want and need – streets, parks, rubbish collections.
Our record is good, with record capital spending on community facilities and low rates.
We must stick to the plan.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Making sure the new town planning scheme substantially reflects what the people of Nedlands want, not what the State bureaucracy wants.
  •  Keeping the wonderful amenity of Nedlands as a place to live. For example, no pay-for-use parking in the streets, no blocking off streets such as The Avenue and forcing traffic down other people’s streets.
  • Maintaining the programme of renewal and maintenance in Nedlands so that our suburb reflects its special position in the greater Perth – but carrying out the programme for this without hefty rate increases.


Name: Andrew Mangano
Ward:  Dalkeith
Suburb:  Dalkeith

About me:
I attended the University of Western Australia and completed my Engineering degree in 1985. Since then I have worked in both the public and private sector and have been self-employed since 2006. I have lived in Minora Road, Dalkeith for 22 years and am a foundation member and the current president of the Friends of Point Resolution Reserve. The City of Nedlands’ primary responsibility is to provide non-discretionary services, being roads and footpaths, parklands, libraries and waste disposal, in a financially responsible, timely and efficient manner. I take a strong interest in Council’s operations.

My commitment is to represent Dalkeith’s residents and ratepayers and to retain Dalkeith’s low density, garden suburb character as it was planned nearly 100 years ago. I am also keen to ensure the City of Nedlands’ advocates for State Government funding to complete the Sunset Hospital renovation, and to ensure no major roads or tunnels are built through Dalkeith.

Why am I standing for Council:

  • Minimise rate increases, if any.
  • Maintaining current zonings, densities, and Dalkeith’s unique character.
  • Ensure Council infrastructure maintenance issues are addressed promptly, before any new projects.
  • Development Assessment Panels that allow elected councillors to perform a proper representative role.
  • Maintain pressure on all concerned to expedite renovation of Sunset.
  • Ensure Perth’s transport planning is done correctly to stop tunnels or bridges across the Swan River, and through Dalkeith.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Minimise rate increases, if any.
  • Maintaining current zonings, densities, and Dalkeith’s unique character.
  • Ensure Council infrastructure maintenance issues are addressed promptly, before any new projects.


Name: Robert Binks
Ward contested: Hollywood
Phone: 9386 8472
Suburb of residence: City of Nedlands

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I am married (42 years) and I have 2 sons who both went to Hollywood Kindergarten, Hollywood Primary, Hollywood High School and UWA. I was President of Hollywood Primary and then I became a Councillor of the City of Nedlands. My background was in hospitality. I have lived in the Hollywood Ward for 38 years and have currently been on Council for 8 years. I have supported ratepayers in the Hackett area with building problems and West Hollywood instigated with other ward Councillors to get Underground Power, long before the group Hupag was formed. My best achievement to date was a report by me to Council which was accepted not to join the waste treatment in Shenton Park and this has saved Nedlands in the first year ~$900K. I visited 30 plus countries in my 6 years of travel and have always felt the most at home here in Hollywood.

Why I’m running for council:
I have been a significant contributor to the successful team of Councillors that has strengthened the City of Nedlands (CON) over the past 6  years. With over 10y experience in Local Government, my vision for the CON is:

  • * completion of underground power
  • * maintain residential character of Nedlands
  • * maintain high quality community services ensuring Hollywood remains a great place to live, work and play.

I have the desire, time and energy to continue working on behalf of Hollywood Ward, including the Hackett Precinct. Local issues I have championed include underground power, retaining services at the Regis Centre, improving Steamroller Park, more parks in Hollywood (including another dog park), cleaning up back lanes and community facilities in Hackett precinct. My track record for assisting individual ratepayers and electors is second to none.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Complete Underground Power in the whole of the Hollywood Ward which is what I have always represented.
  • Arrange more small parks for the youth in Hollywood in the next budgets.
  • Continue Nedlands excellent track record of reducing waste to landfill and achieve the 62% target which has been set.


Name: Paul Poliwka.
Ward contested: Hollywood.
Phone: 0408 023 379.
Suburb of residence: Claremont.

Are you a member of a political party?  No.

About me:
I graduated from UWA in 2005 with a double degree in law and science (physics).  I worked for seven years at a law firm in the CBD in commercial litigation.  I transitioned to my firm in Claremont Town after a brief sojourn as in‑house counsel for a start-up energy efficiency business.  A resident of the city for 15 years and Hollywood for five years.  Interests include gardening and maintaining physical fitness.  Not affiliated (or beholden) to any political party and believe party politics have no role in local government.  I will consider matters on their merits rather than along party lines.  My guiding principle in assessing decisions before Council will be whether they enhance the amenity of the City in a responsible and cost effective manner.  With my legal and technical background I believe I have the ability to critically assess issue for the benefit of my ward.

Why I’m running for council:
I want to improve the amenity of the Hollywood ward, many parts of which have been deprioritised historically (according to my neighbour who was lived in Hollywood for over 70 years).  I have decided to be proactive and offer to represent the residents of the Hollywood ward, whom I believe hold the same concerns.  It is bewildering that below ground power has not been supplied to all of the Hollywood ward. I received a survey from the city five years ago and still nothing has occurred.  Similarly, the condition of the three reserves located on Stubbs Terrace is not commensurate with the rates we pay, and  if you compare those reserves with the reserve located on Stubbs Terrace within the Town of Claremont this difference is unacceptable.  More broadly, I believe in the relatively low-cost beautification of the city through enhanced green spaces.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • To be the unfettered voice of the ratepayers’ of Hollywood.
  • Enhance the amenity of Nedlands by improving green spaces (including small reserves) and sinking all power lines in the Hollywood ward.
  • Resisting undue increases in housing density.




Candidates who did not respond:

Coast: Nikola Horley.
Dalkeith: Jordan Kestel, Andrew Mangano.
Hollywood: Ben Hodsdon, Cilla de Lacy, Christopher Corbett.
Melvista: Gordon Hay, Rajah Senathira.