Shire of Northam 2017 local government election candidates

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Below are the background profiles of candidates for this local government authority. Candidates running in the election authorised and provided their background profiles to Community Newspaper Group for publication. Candidate contact details are included in each profile.


Name: Colin David Hassell
Ward contested: Central
Phone: 0437 895 552
Suburb of residence: Bakers Hill

About me:
My wife and I live in Bakers Hill. I will focus on sustainable, future planning and fiscal management. Having worked in local government (including Northam) for the past 31 years, serving on a number of boards including Royal Lifesaving for many years, I feel the experience has equipped me with the necessary governance expertise. As a member and Grants Officer of the Bakers Hill Progress Association, I am liaising with government bodies in the restoration of the Bakers Hill railway siding. This project will optimise local business and tourism opportunities promoting growth whilst retaining our unique country lifestyle.
My desire to represent our community on the Shire is to be part of a focus-driven group of councillors who provide leadership and support to a Shire team working for our community.  I believe a strong Council will ensure our region plays a significant role and benefits from local regional development. 

Why I am running for council:

  • I will represent Bakers Hill, Clackline and Spencers Brook as an integral part of the future development and growth of this unique region.
  • To continue working as a member of the Bakers Hill Progress Association to facilitate growth in terms of youth, aged care, people with special needs and family access to community sport, leisure and recreation activities.
  • To focus on sustainable future planning and financial management to benefit rate payers both short and long term.



Attila Mecshelyl – No response


Name: Brett Johnson
Ward contested: Town
Phone: 0466 126 960
Suburb of residence: Northam

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I have been in Northam for over 25 years. I have previously been a director of the Avon Football Association, I was a board member of Feddies Football club, I started (co founder) the Avon Roos rugby league club and was president of the Northam Touch associaion and the Emu’s cricket club. I am a former Apexian and have raised my family right here in Northam where 2 of my daughters still live. Those of you who know me, know I am passionate about issues, those of you who don’t know me ask anyone who does, I will fight hard for what I believe is best for our region. I unashamedly say I am the “Squeeky Wheel” and we all know the squeeky wheel gets the oil.

Why I’m running for council:
Potential.. The potential here in Northam seems to me to have been unrealised for too long. I want to introduce new ideas and represent YOUR views for the growth of this town. In my varying previous roles of employment I have worked very closely with business and with members of the community. I have listened to their stories, heard their wishes and solutions, some very good ideas and solutions come from you. I want to be involved in a council that helps cut red tape where it can, that offers assistance and solutions for job creation and growth locally. I want to help end the current prevailing dido mentality we are cultivating and I want public accountability and input for efforts to grow our region.

My top three priorities if elected: 

  • Identify opportunity and realise potential
  • Local business growth
  • Local employment opportunities

Name: Ulo Rumjantsev
Ward contested: Town
Phone: 0432720144
Suburb of residence: Bakers Hill

About me:
I am a Western Australian born resident, a current Shire Councillor with a proven track record, Local Recovery Coordinator and a fully trained Volunteer Firefighter. I have been a resident in the Shire more than 20 years over this time the Shire has grown and many changes have taken place. By participating in various district, voluntary and Heritage community groups has allowed me to understand the Commerce and Lifestyle wants and needs within the wider community. I believe it’s time to move forward and make certain that growing demands of our Shire are met. It is important that we all share equally in decisions that affect us all. Being fully retired with the passion, ability and integrity, I wish to continue supporting the community as your “Shire representative”. I believe that aspirations, views and opinions of everyone are equal. With your help, I will ensure that policies into the future will be sound, fair and responsible.


Denis Beresford – No response
Carl Della – No response
Earnest Ervin – No response
Des Hughes – No response
Steven Pollard – No response
Michael Ryan – No response


Name: Bridgette Poulton
Ward contested: West
Phone: 0432 345 179
Suburb of residence: Bakers Hill

Are you a member of a political party? No.

About me:
My name is Bridgette Poulton and I grew up in Bakers Hill.  After attaining Bachelor of Science degrees in Biological Sciences and Environmental Science I went to live in a remote community in the Brazilian Amazon and then on to work in local government in the UK.  I have also been employed as a consultant to the mining industry, in the community non-for-profit sector and local government in the Pilbara.  I’m now working towards a Master of Environmental Science degree with a focus on wetland ecology.
As a young ‘Bakershillian’ I contributed to the Townscaping Committee, produced a community newsletter (before Facebook) and completed research on local history.  I’ve also volunteered with State-wide organisations including the Western Australian Museum, Scitech, RSPCA, Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Why I’m running for council:
Every year the Federal Government allows an additional 200,000 people to live in our country without consulting State or local governments. All these extra people have to live somewhere, which has seen past country towns like Mandurah and Bunbury lose their rural identity and merge with Perth’s uncontrolled urban sprawl.
We need a council that will fight against pressure from State Government and big business to accept large development projects.  Regulations regarding subdivisions has made it near impossible for small landholders to break up and retain part of their land.  This type of overregulation may benefit Perth but it doesn’t suit the Shire of Northam
Additionally, the there is room for improvement in the way the Shire engages community stakeholders. Having previously delivered community-based projects I feel well placed to ensure the needs of key stakeholders are integrated into project outcomes early in the design phase.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • I cannot support rate increases to cover the cost of project budget blowouts and will vote against proposed rate increases until the Shire utilises it’s financial resources effectively;
  • I will judge proposals on a case-by-case basis. Many residents live on large properties and should not be subject to restrictions applicable to people living in urban-type settings.
  • To protect our rural lifestyle I will oppose large scale developments that add to urbanisation ‘creep’ and threaten the uniqueness that the Shire has to offer. I will however support proposals from private landowners and small businesses that promote tourism and add to our quality of life.

Sandra-lee Welch
Ward contested:   West
Phone:  0415 440 785
Suburb of residence: 69 Charles Street,   Northam

Are you a member of a political party? No

About Me:
My heart is is Northam and quite a few towns and country areas. A very serious member of the Federals Football Club, but I love anything to do with sport in the country. I am a member of the Northam Country Club, Events coordinator and Treasurer for the Over 60’s club…  I am presently at the ECU University Mount Lawley.. I am fairly new to Northam as a resident but my family goes back to the early settlers. I love the infectious smiles and welcoming heartfelt feelings for everyone who comes to Northam. This encourages me to go and help people, being there for a particular worry and having a chat over a nice pot of tea. I find my background in nursing helps me to understand people and enables open communication with Care and Faith. With enthusiasm I embrace Northam and the community, Please Vote for Me.

Why I’m running for council:
I have a responsibility to Northam and our People, of West Ward. If I can give of myself in a small way – I know it will go a long way. There are situations that I have noticed where people are having to come to  ‘grips’ with the loss of a person in their family. These are not Older Persons, who are covered and funded by the Government. These are Younger; and in many cases they have no one around to help even with shopping and banking, both sexes are confronted with decisions. And they can’t decide because “of the Black Hole in their lives”. I have been helping/volunteering my understanding and time. Bring more interest to the individual Towns and Communities on the Weekends; with their specialties/interests.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Door open to be there for my people in the West Ward
  • Northam district – to open up a wider age group for Events eg: dancing classes (old style Whalz – and entertainment)  50 years a up…
  • Be there for my volunteering as well

Terry Little –
No response