Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale 2017 local government election candidates

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Below are the background profiles of candidates for this local government authority. Candidates running in the election authorised and provided their background profiles to Community Newspaper Group for publication. Candidate contact details are included in each profile.


Name: Shaye L Mack
Ward contested: North Ward
Phone: 0439919658
Suburb of residence: Byford

Are you a member of a political party: No

About me:
I am 34 years old, a husband and father of an amazing 2 year old girl. My wife and I moved to BYFORD 5 years ago when we built our first house in the glades. For the majority of my professional life I have been a sales manager in the automotive field spending nearly 10 years with a multi national oil company and now with a local manufacturer. I love my footy, fishing and getting out and relaxing with family and friends.

Why I’m running for council:
I firmly believe we are in need of change in our council and need someone who can be strong independent voice. Someone who is not running for there own self-interests but for the interest of the community. Someone who will listen to the all members of the community and reflect there views to the council and give transparent feedback.  I will be your honest and approachable voice in council, with a vision to continue to build a strong friendly community in which to bring up our children. I will not make unrealistic promises, but I will work hard to represent the interest of the community.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • To put a freeze on shire rates.
  • Bring more transparency to council and offer more community engagement with council.
  • Deliver improvements/upgrades to our rapidly growing road network.


Name: Timothy Piipponen
Ward contested: North
Phone: 0422373073
Subrub of residence: Byford

About me:
My name is Timothy Piipponen I am a disability support worker and love helping people in need. I am passionate and honest. Like yourself my family and I have been living in the fastest growing Shire in Australia and am looking forward to seeing positive outcomes for our wonderful community.

Why I’m running for council:
I believe that an effective local government needs to address issues immediately such as Rate rises, Parking strategies for schools for safe and easy pickup and roads to meet safety standards. We need a cctv plan to hold criminals accountable and deliver a structured youth plan for Byford. We need tip passes, two skip bins And larger household bins to prevent dumping in our area. I want to be a approachable councillor that will address your issues straight away.

Name: Gary Singh
Ward Contested: North
Phone: 0422 036 383
Suburb of residence: Byford

Are you a member of a political party:  No

About me:
I have completed my Bachelors of Computer Science and Post Graduation Degree (Masters of Computer Applications) from India recognised equivalent to Australian qualifications. I have been working within the Local Government Sector from last 05 years and have been nominated twice as High Achiever winner due to the excellent work i have done for internal and external stake holders.

I have assisted WA Police on many occasions by providing information that has been used to stop crime and antisocial activities within the area. I have always believed in the safety and security of the community. I am privileged to be a voice of the local community in the council to represent young as well as older generation. I believe there is a need for fresh faces in the Council who can help to make a positive change by bringing diversity and able to understand and identify ratepayer’s needs.

Why I’m running for council:
My family have made Byford our home for the last 5 years. I work for the City of Cockburn (Governance and Community Services) and gained extensive knowledge and experience in Community Safety and Security, CCTV, Crime Prevention by creating strong policies and operating procedures for use within Local Government. My vision is to bring the community and Council together and make Byford safe, secure, clean and an inclusive area for all to live by bringing strong, open, accountable and transparent governance to council.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Safer maintained roads, improved street lighting, foot paths and cycleways throughout all urban areas.
  • Improve the lack of active open space and utilization of grant applications being submitted to assist further community development within the area.
  • As a NHW volunteer and a facilitator for community events and I advocate for an inclusive community to make our community the best it can be.

North West