City of Subiaco 2017 local government election candidates

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Below are the background profiles of candidates for this local government authority. Candidates running in the election authorised and provided their background profiles to Community Newspaper Group for publication. Candidate contact details are included in each profile.

Mayoral candidates

Name: Julie Matheson, BA, DipFP, CFP®, LRS
Standing for mayor
0409 294 495
Suburb of residence: Subiaco

Are you a member of a political party? Founding member of the Western Australia Party

About me:
My late husband and I moved to Subiaco 15 years ago to restore Ruby Hutchison House, named after the first woman MLC in the WA parliament and founder of CHOICE. In 2011 I was elected to Council, and recently received the WA Local Government Merit Award for volunteer community services, and the Distinguished Service Award for services to my profession as national director of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

I have represented local communities at the Development Assessment Panels, and was elected to UWA Convocation Council in 2016. I am the first Western Australian woman to register a party with 500 members to represent WA and promote the case for the GST.  I successfully campaigned to help save Perth Modern in Subiaco. For fitness I like to run in Kings Park with my dog Trixie and swim for Beatty Park Masters.

Why I’m running for Mayor:
I’m running for Mayor because Subiaco needs a fresh new approach. The job of the mayor is to be the voice of Council.  It’s a leadership role to bring together the eleven elected councillors to find sensible consensus on the important changes Subiaco needs to make, but has been unable to agree upon. This election will see four, possibly five new councillors.  This renewal is overdue; quite simply Council must take new approaches, create new vitality, elect new people.

My role as mayor is to foster co-operation, innovation and good judgement from councillors.   As mayor I will encourage councillors to find consensus on what they can agree upon rather than dwell on their differences.  I’m experienced running meetings and have the support of councillors to deliver. We are better resourced than any metropolitan local government, it’s time for that to show in a confident, vital and more responsive Subiaco.

Stephanie Stroud.
Ward contested: Mayor of Subiaco.
Phone: 0405 750 398
Suburb of residence: Subiaco

Are you a member of a political party: No

About me:
I believe in community development and participation, and whether it has involved my boy’s school, the suburb I live, or local government, I have always been a proactive member of the community. Before I became a councillor, but working collaboratively with the City of Subiaco, I championed a 4-year campaign against the changed plans of the SRA (State Redevelopment Authority). I am focused and tenacious but always open to another point of view. Raised in a legal background, I have a strong sense of justice and believe in advocating for people’s rights. I love engaging with people. I’m interested in their “stories” and life experience. As a councillor I’m always networking with the community and council. I am a lateral thinker and grateful for my (and others’) sense of humour!

Why I’m running for council:
I am running for mayor because I am confident of my ability to provide the stewardship and flair required to change the direction of Subiaco to a more positive “can do” culture. My record as an activist and councillor, proves my passion and commitment for visioning Subiaco’s future through planning, community and economic development. My experience with State planning authorities is an asset for strategic negotiations. Essential to Subiaco’s vibrancy, character and lifestyle (for all ages), is a diversified economy, residential development, quality green space and recreation. We should follow market trends, attract youth, manage parking, embrace business initiative and avoid costly tribunals. I believe that together, we can rebuild Subiaco! I remain committed to community engagement and council reform. I envisage considerable scope for modernising council, and improving services, rates and facilities, through IT innovation, and prudent asset and financial management.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Change & reform.
  • Rebuild Subi’s image.
  • Ensure strong leadership.

Name: Penny Taylor
Standing for mayor
Phone: 0416 453 370
Suburb of residence: Shenton Park

Are you a member of a political party? Independent candidate (member of the Labor Party)

About me:
There’s a job to do! We need a new bold positive vision for Subiaco and it will take fresh and energetic leadership. If elected I will be a fresh face to Subiaco Council. I have:

  • – Experience in local government. I know how it works and how to get things done having served as a councillor on the Town of Port Hedland.
  • – Twenty years’ experience in the mining industry since graduating as a geologist and working in business with my husband in mining maintenance services.
  • – The professionalism and determination to get things done.
  • – I know how to network, collaborate, unify people with differing views and make things happen.
  • – I’m not afraid of hard work. I’m a working mum. I’m in business, I’m an active community member and I’m determined to keep Subiaco thriving.

Vote for me as mayor and that’s what I’ll be working to achieve. 

Why I’m running for council:
Subiaco has the chance for a fresh start. I’m a fresh face for Subiaco Council yet have the local government and business experience, the drive and a passionate belief we can build a better Subiaco for our families. I promise strong decisive leadership and a positive vision for Subiaco’s future.
As mayor, I will offer:

  • Positive, professional engagement with residents, property and business owners
  • Strong advocacy for responsible growth that respects our character
  • To fight to reduce the ratepayers’ burden through rationalisation, efficiencies and good management
  • To revitalise Subiaco and restore our status as one of Perth’s most desirable destinations for fashion, food, entertainment, arts and culture.

I am determined to get better outcomes for Subiaco and its residents and offer a new and better approach to leadership that will enable Subiaco to thrive. I ask you to elect me mayor, and invite you to share my positive vision for Subiaco.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • work for council unity and build a compelling vision to drive us for the next four years and beyond;
  • positively and professionally engage with those who are developing within our city, advocating for responsible growth with sensible design guidelines;
  • to revitalise and restore Subiaco as one of Perth’s most desirable destinations for food, fashion, entertainment, arts and culture.


Name: Lee Hemsley
Ward: Mayor
Phone: 0435 992 081
Suburb of residence: Shenton Park

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
In the late 1950’s I roamed the streets of West Perth, barefoot, with my school friends. By the 1960’s I was riding my bike around my home in Mount Lawley. Since then the streets have become too dangerous for kids, and obesity and diabetes are commonplace. In the 1980’s I became a community activist to try to improve street safety for my own children. I’ve learned a lot about the slow pace at which bureaucracies work, and that they are not held responsible for the results of their actions. I’ve also become aware of the hidden subsidies at all levels of government that favour car use and discourage walking and cycling, despite all the rhetoric about making “streets for people”. After 8 years on Subiaco Council I’m ready to introduce some new ideas on financial and social accountability to get the safe, lively, prosperous community I want.

Why I’m running for council:
Currently the City of Subiaco is like a ship crewed by Zombies, each hauling ropes, furling and unfurling sails, but with no navigator reading the stars to calculate whether progress has been made towards the destination the passengers expect. My ambition as Mayor will be to introduce a new system, Results Based Accountability, in which the Results of the crews actions are measured frequently and used to coordinate them so that the good ship Subiaco moves in the direction you have said you want, and you get regular reports on how effective the crew is in getting there. This is radical stuff, so I need your support to turn around Subiaco’s Council and Bureaucracy.
If elected I will firstly push for an end to Planning Regulations that are holding back new businesses in Subiaco. That means simplifying and streamlining processes and eliminating onerous car parking requirements.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Collecting local data regularly to measure and improve results.
  • Deregulation of Planning. Introduce Market Urbanism.
  • Financial Responsibility. Remember TANSTaaFL


Name: Dr Andrew McTaggart
Ward: Subiaco Mayoral election
Phone: 9388 0430
Suburb of residence: Shenton Park

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
Resident in the Subiaco area for twenty years
Raised a family in Shenton Park
Deputy Mayor, Councillor at Subiaco Council for 8.5 years.
Board Member – Subiaco Redevelopment Authority; China Green.
Community involvement – Subiaco Scouts, Subiaco Lacrosse Club,
Subiaco Rotary Club, Ruah – Chair of Members

Why I’m running for council:
My vision for Subiaco
1. Create a place for everyone, from the older residents who have seen great
changes to Subiaco from its working-class heritage to a burgeoning modern inner
2. Lead the development of a new inner-city liveability initiatives along Hay Street
and Rokeby Road, e.g. environmental friendly affordable housing, accessible and
affordable transportation.
3. Diversify our Council investments to create new additional revenue streams.
4. Maintain our community focus and village atmosphere, valuing the social fabric
and connections of sporting clubs, volunteers and the marginalised.
5. Building a team to ensure sound outcomes for the community

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Leadership in inner-city livability : greater density in Rokeby Road and Hay Street
  • Community focused – valuing community social connections in Subiaco, such sport clubs, meals for the elderly and embracing the needs of the marginalised
  • Business Minded – Diversifying Council investments to create new additional revenue streams


Name: Monia Allegre
Ward contested: Central Ward Subiaco
Phone: 0411 372 878
Suburb of residence:

Are you a member of a political party: No

About me:
I am an Australian citizen who has lived in Subiaco for almost a decade. I have three children going to local schools, and I am married to Vincent. I teach part time at the UWA School of Design and I have my own accomplished artist practice. I have lived successively in Paris, where I grew up, in Florence, Amsterdam, London, Houston and finally Perth.  Subiaco is my home. My three children were born in Subiaco and their whole life revolves around Subiaco’s community. My experience from the exposure to different cultures has enriched my artist practice and way of living. I have a proven record effective local community action, and a strong commitment to making the most of everything Subiaco has to offer. I was the instigator of the Daglish Crossing Community Group and recently spearheaded a successful campaign to establish a safe crossing at the Daglish station.

Why I’m running for council:
I am running for council because I want to improve life in Subiaco through practical actions to progress the needs and desires of our evolving city. I am committed to a future that embraces change while respecting and protecting our considerable heritage. Subiaco is geographically close to Perth CBD and a magnificent natural park. We have all the attributes to attract more visitors and attract more quality local business and services. I want to attract people and businesses to Subiaco so we can return Subiaco to being a vibrant and economically dynamic place, and effect a rebirth from the hard hit Perth global economy of these past years. We need to acknowledge the hardship of creative entrepreneurs looking to add to our heritage and cultural wealth. I will bring a zest of creativity and experienced insight to the council and complement the skills of other councillors.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Actively engage with my community to inform the decision making while showing strong leadership with visionary and sustainable responses to keep our city’s heritage identity along with an innovative approach to the future.
  • Make Subiaco a smart city by facilitating housing and small businesses. More residents, more visitors and more workers will fuel our local business.
  • Rejuvenate our heritage, make our business streets unique (no more enclosed malls! We are blessed by the climate) by designing a powerful amicable and creative streetscape for the southern part of Rokeby. Subiaco is a Gate to Kings Park. Introduce a cycling rental system (that already exists in so many cities around the world) with pod stations scattered around Subiaco and KP and make the paths visually attractive and fun for residents and visitors.


Name: Jodi Mansfield
Ward: Central
Phone: 0417 014 123
Suburb of residence: Subiaco

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me: 
I’m a Mum of two great kids, aged 9 and 7 years who both attend Subiaco Primary School. As P&C President of Subi Primary, I have coordinated large community fundraising efforts which have achieved significant infrastructure improvements. As a board member of the Subi Farmer’s Markets, I’ve helped maintain the success of Subiaco’s most regularly attended community event. My background is in organisational psychology and human resource consulting. I also have a Masters of Business Administration from the University of New South Wales. Having spent 5 years specialising in mediating workplace conflict, if I’m elected I look forward to applying my negotiation skills to working with other councillors, residents and land owners to create a vibrant Subiaco. I believe I have the energy, enthusiasm and leadership credentials to make a positive contribution towards change.

Why I’m running for council:
I’m running for Council because I love living in Subi and I feel that a lack of strategic vision has seen Subiaco left behind while other inner city suburbs thrive. Rather than just complaining, I thought I should do something and I think the Council could benefit from some fresh ideas. I believe in Subiaco’s future beyond football and we can enhance our public spaces by becoming more pedestrian, bike and family friendly. I think the old Pavilion Market site has become emblematic of the city’s inaction, and I see development of this site as crucial to Subi’s identity. We can attract greater retail diversity through removing red tape and incentivising small businesses. I believe the proposed secondary college is a positive project which will bring vibrancy to the neighbourhood while creating jobs and maximising local business activation. Basically, I want Subiaco to stop saying ‘no’ and start saying ‘yes’!

My top three priorities if elected:

  • We need to support, not stifle, entrepreneurial spirit and retail diversity through incentivising small business.
  • We need to build stronger relationship with businesses and community groups and collaborate to create mutually beneficial solutions.
  • We need to be receptive and responsive to the needs of the community and flexible enough to adapt to new challenges.




Name:  Andrew Devitt.
Ward contested: East Ward
Phone: 0447722996
Suburb of residence: Subiaco

Are you a member of a political party? No.

About me:
I am 43, married, with two young sons. We have lived in Subiaco for three years. Prior to that we’ve lived in West Perth and before that in Vancouver, Canada. I grew up in Claremont, with Subiaco being a constant destination for shopping, entertainment and sport. I’m a graduate of UWA, started working down a path in the arts before shifting into technology where I still work. I’ve been fortunate to work across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. A relevant aspect of my role has been working on complex global acquisitions where I am required to take a critical eye to all aspects of a business before we acquire them. The boys will go to school in Subiaco. Our lives revolve around walking, cycling, playing, shopping and dining in our neighbourhood with our friends and family who live here. This is where we have put down our roots.

Why I’m running for council:
I remember the vibrant exciting Subiaco I grew up with. I see a beautiful suburb, with terrific amenity, within striking distance of the beach, CBD and Kings Park. Subiaco has it all and I care about the place where my family will live for many years. My own street is a perfect example of the diversity of Subiaco. We have old homes, new homes, houses, apartments, young singles, young families, retirees & seniors. It’s a small community who all coexist wonderfully. I love this diversity but I feel I am not well represented on council. Our council is not accessible nor transparent enough to all residents I am running because Subiaco is on the cusp of great change and I believe it is important to get involved. We need to seize the opportunities that are presented while not jeopardising the intrinsic value of Subiaco that generates such passion from residents.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • An audited and published understanding of the high revenue and expenses of City of Subiaco. This should drive increased understanding and a review of how the significant investment reserves of the city are being used. Increased use of technology in the City for Customer (Resident & Ratepayer Engagement). Live-Streaming and archiving of Council Meetings. Making myself available through a number of mediums (Social Media, Regular Mobile Offices throughout the city)
  • Establish a Vibrancy Advisory Panel (including Retail & Entertainment entrepreneurs not yet in Subiaco), Investigate and Establish Arts Alliances (PIAF, Fringe, WAM), Investigating Council options to combat long term commercial property vacancy.
  • Urgent review of recent recycling bin collection changes. Urgent review of East Ward parking changes. Urgent review of traffic impacts of Kitchener Park School proposal. Investigate viability of implementing a Car-Sharing program (in cooperation with other Councils). Implementing a ‘Small Community Grants’ program to facilitate small, street and neighbourhood based events (street parties) rather than major events. Investigate Council supported rate payer loyalty card programs (including subsidised Lords membership).


Name: Elizabeth Williams
Ward: Subiaco East Ward
Phone: 0407 485 751
Suburb of residence: Subiaco

Are you a member of a political party? No.

About me:
For over 25 years Subiaco has been a special place for my family and I to live, work and play. My husband and I first came to live Subiaco in 1987. I recall how privileged I felt to have a home in Subiaco and know that I was truly a part of the Subiaco Village community. I have never taken this for granted and I have been actively involved and engaged in and with Subiaco ever since. In 2006 I joined our family business ARL WA, (which still today is a leading West Australian Scientific Environmental Testing Laboratory) as Business Development Director and from 2011 -2015 I took the role of Managing Director and following, a directorship. Currently I am the director of TALLEST POPPIES, a company dedicated specifically to supporting and encouraging emerging business women to attain greater levels of professional success through personal mentoring, coaching and peer support.

Why I’m running for council:
I believe we must be proactive in rejuvenating East Ward as a proud precinct in the City of Subiaco. East Ward, with its concentrated business area, Subiaco Oval, Kitchener Park redevelopment and PMH relocation, balancing commercial and community needs is critical in forward planning. Prosperity and vitality, whilst preserving our valued culture and community spirit, is important for everyone. It is essential that we have strong representation on Council to retain the amenity of East Ward and at the same time contribute to the revitalisation of the business area, allowing the whole community to thrive. It’s time for fresh and innovative thinking to recreate a modern, vibrant and financially stable destination in Subiaco. My background in commercial management, leadership, communication and experience as a company Managing Director working on corporate boards, gives me the expertise to represent East Ward at all levels.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • The Redevelopment and rejuvenation process of Subiaco Oval, Kitchener Park redevelopment and PMH relocation in East Ward Subiaco
  • Bringing the vitality back into the Commercial strips
  • Smarter transport, traffic flow and parking convenience for all who work and reside in Subiaco



Name: Derek Nash.
Ward: Subiaco north ward.
Phone: 0402 792 066.
Facebook: Derek Nash for Subiaco Council.
Suburb of residence: Daglish.

Member of Political Party: No. 

About me:
I was born in Perth and have lived with my wife and family in Subiaco for close to 20 years, first in Shenton Park and for the last 12 years in the beautiful garden suburb of Daglish. We absolutely love living here! I am a community minded person, having been involved in many school, sport and service based organisations. I believe a community is only as strong as those individuals willing to contribute their time and resources to its growth and care. I am also an architect and together with my wife Lorraine, have practiced from our office in Subiaco for nearly 25 years. Much of our work has centred around this locality and we have been fortunate enough to have won many local and state architecture awards for our projects. I value creativity and good design and the difference that can make to our lives and to the environment.

 Why I’m running for council:
I feel very privileged to live in such a wonderful place as Subiaco and believe the time is right for me to repay the community that has been such an important part of our lives for so long, by nominating for the north ward candidacy. Subiaco, with its rich history, central locality and enviable amenity, is already a great place, but I truly believe it can be even better with a robust injection of vitality, innovation and creativity. We must step into the future, whilst embracing our past. Our wonderful community deserves no less. With my experience and expertise gained as an architect and as an active participant in many community-based organisations over the years, I believe I can make a valuable contribution, bringing common sense, a good ear and constructive ideas to the table. 

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Creating an exciting vision for Subiaco into the 21st century, whilst still valuing our character and lifestyle. We live in a very different world to that of 50 years ago and we must adapt to that reality, at the same time as being careful not to lose that which we hold most dear.
  • Enlivening our business precincts to enrich the experience for business owners, residents and visitors alike. Strong, viable businesses bring vitality to and underpin a resilient, healthy community and we must do all we can to support and enable that process.
  • Embracing technology and design for the difference it can make to our lives. Cities that focus on design flourish.


Name: David McMullen
Ward contested: Subiaco – South Ward
Phone: 0412 275 154
Facebook: @DavidMcMullenSubiaco
Suburb of residence: Shenton Park

Are you a member of a political party? n/a.

About me:
I have lived in the City of Subiaco since 2012, and grew up close by. I am a property and commercial lawyer. I have a working knowledge of councils, having acted both for and against local governments over the years. In more recent times, I have had a particular interest in working with the retirement village, health and aged care industries. Sally, my wife, is a dentist at a practice nearby. Community is very important to me. I sit on the board of a not-for-profit that is active in Perth’s northern suburbs, and I play the saxophone as a reservist in the Royal Australian Navy Band. I am looking forward to the prospect of being on council and doing something close to home. Basketball has always been my favourite sport, and I am a passionate renovator and DIY’er (Ask my neighbours!). 

Why I’m running for council:
After four years busily renovating with my wife, Shenton Park – and specifically south ward – is home. In south ward we have a real neighbourhood feel, blossoming shopping/commercial hub, and local assets that ought to be both utilised and looked after. As such, our ward deserves first class local representation on council. I live in the ward; and I have the energy, enthusiasm and expertise to deliver. I am not a single issue or small picture candidate. I believe that local interests of residents and businesses can and should be furthered alongside those of Subiaco as a whole. I want to see Shenton Park and its surrounds prosper; and I want greater Subiaco restored and cemented as a great place to go out, visit and do business. The net result is that we will all benefit. 

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Learn from the successes and experiences of other local government districts in WA and abroad.
  • Engage with a community who are prepared to generate ideas.
  • Contribute to a Council that functions efficiently and as a team.

Candidates who did not respond:

Mayor: Mark Burns.
North: James Alderton, Hank de Jong.
East: Murray Rowe, Frank Schiefler, Matt Davis.
Central: Scott Arbuckle, Elizabeth Karol.
South: Simon Page-Sharp.