Town of Victoria Park 2017 local government election candidates

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Below are the background profiles of candidates for this local government authority. Candidates running in the election authorised and provided their background profiles to Community Newspaper Group for publication. Candidate contact details are included in each profile.

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John Bissett
Ward contested: Banksia Ward
Phone: 0418 901 977
Suburb of residence:  East Victoria Park

Are you a member of a political party? Did not respond.

About me:
I believe a core responsibility of a councillor is ensuring Council’s strong financial accountability and more effective community consultation.   I have the experience to analyse and manage substantial budgets. As a long-time resident I have seen our Town develop into a diverse and exciting community. I want to serve to protect our heritage and environment for our community.   Over the years I have fought to retain and expand the Town’s parks and I will continue to do so.    With our housing densities projected to increase it has never been more important to give families, seniors and young people places to come together, to relax or play. For safety I will focus on improving street lighting, safe footpaths and playgrounds, plus reducing traffic in residential streets. I will promote the formulation of policy to reduce the impact of Stadium traffic throughout the Town including the Peninsula area. Please vote.

  • Greater community consultation
  • Accountability
  • Transparency


Name: Phillip Borger
Ward contested: Banksia
Phone: 0422 973 853
Suburb of residence: Lathlain

Are you a member of a political party? Did not respond.

About me:
I am a 34 year old (the median age of Victoria park residents) local, raised in the Perth hills.  I worked in a small family business in the Town of Vic Park for 10 years through school and then while completing a degree in Economicsat the University of WA.  I have chosen the Town of Victoria Park as my home for the last 8 years.  My fiancée and I chose to buy a home in the area as we both feel the Town of Victoria Park is a great place to raise a family.  My current career in Financial Administration involves creating and understanding financial documents, communicating physical, financial and policy restraints with a wide variety of stakeholders, listening to concerns and working through countless problems to deliver outcomes.  I feel my strengths in communication, lateral thinking and administration to achieve results would be an asset to the Council.

Why I am running for Council:
I have chosen to run for Council to help support the democratic process of Local Government.  At all levels of Government too many candidates have their own self-interests or singular issue to progress.  As your representative, I would:

  • Be an open, honest and thoughtful individual who is willing to listen to all stakeholders regarding issues important to them.
  • Consider information presented (and that is omitted), gather further information as necessary and apply practical and pragmatic thought processes to consider all possible solutions and their ramifications.

The two overarching principles I feel a councillor should be guided by are:

  1. To listen and champion the views of the majority of local residents.
  2. To make decisions with a view of continued improvement in the liveability of the Town of Victoria Park for all of its current and future residents.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Work with the Town of Victoria Park to deliver the services and solutions that everyday residents need.
  • Sensible and sustainable expenditure in the Town of Victoria Park, as a genuine approach to reducing upward pressure on Council Rates.
  • Ensuring that as the Town of Victoria Park develops it continues to be a leafy green suburban community on the City’s doorstep.


John Duncan –  No response


Name: Joshua David Collins
Banksia Ward
0421 357 778
Suburb of residence:
East Victoria Park

Are you a member of a political party?

About me:
With a Bachelor of Communications and currently obtaining a Masters in Human Resources I am keenly interested in people and communities. I want people and their communities to excel in all aspects and most importantly to learn and grow. My family have lived in Victoria Park since the 1930’s and the wonderful aspect of Victoria Park that I love and makes me feels so welcome is the diversity. Victoria Park has always been a melting pot of cultures from around the world and is unique in WA if not all of Australia. Diversity brings strength and resilience plus also great flavour to our lives. Professionally I’m a Facilities Manager at the Perth District Court which involves the interaction and management of people to deliver essential services. It is from this work that makes me confident that I am suitable equipped to be your councillor on the Victoria Park Council.

Why I’m running for council:
I visited another Council’s Café District the other day, it was always known to be a well off area with a great range of small businesses and café’s. To my shock it was almost a ghost town and shadow of what it was prior. The root cause, I feel, was apathy by the local council, with overpriced car-parking, lack of control over rates and rents forcing sky high pricing. We have recently experienced large changes with the construction of the Perth Stadium and the West Coast Eagles new administration and training facilities in the Lathlain Precinct which will naturally impact how the Council engages and is engaged with the community. This positive change will lead to short, medium and long term benefits but if not managed with due thought, consultation and consideration could lead Victoria Park to lose touch with the people and businesses. I want our community to thrive.



Name: Wilfred Hendriks
Ward contested (if applicable): Banksia Ward
Phone: 9361 9409/0403 121 543
Suburb of residence:  Carlisle 

Are you a member of a political party? No 

About me:
I have lived in, and been in touch with, the Victoria Park community over my entire lifetime and am committed to doing a great job in representing you on council. I ran a successful photography business in the Town over several years as well as helping progress our community by having been actively involved in Rotary, Sporting clubs, School P&F’s, Youth groups, Rostrum, St Vincent de Paul and in establishing a Men’s shed. I was awarded the Victoria Park Australia Day Awardin 2015, endorsing my commitment to our community. I will always make myself available to listen to concerns relating to Council issues and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for ratepayers. The Town has been my home for over 60 years, I have witnessed many changes in that time and I am passionate that new changeswillenablethe Town to flourish for future generations to enjoy. 

Why I’m running for council:
I am running for council because it is something I have wanted to do for some time. I believe I have the credentials to be an excellent councillor in that I am honest, committed, trustworthy, responsible, and have a good rapport with the local community. I have a lot to offer by being on Council as the Town continues to develop. I participated in the recent evolve project which produced a blue print for the future of our Town. Many good points come out of the project and as a councillor I can ensure they get implemented. Even though we have a vibrant Community, I think the Town can do so much, better particularly in areas of rates, being transparent, communications, parking, safety, traffic management and supporting local businesses. Volunteering time to be on the Local History working group for two years also wetted my appetite to be on Council. 

My top three priorities if elected:

  • To support local business to make sure our Town continues to thrive.
  • To make our Town a place where you can move around and feel safe. Improved lighting and use of CCTV would be a start and would help deter criminal activity.
  • To make sure the Strategic Community Plan, the result of the evolve project and a culmination of a lot of community consultation, is implemented.


Name: Peter Melrosa
Ward contested: Banksia
Phone: 0411588614
Suburb of residence: Carlisle

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
Local as you can get! I’ve lived here my entire life and was educated at primary, secondary and tertiary levels within the town. Comparatively, I’ve traveled extensively in Europe, Japan and USA where I gained valuable insight into our world.  Currently, I’m employed as a contractor for Main Roads WA, working in all local government jurisdictions around Perth. Previously, I was employed by the City of Perth as a Town Planner, assessing developments.  In 2015 I nominated for council unsuccessfully. Undeterred by that, I’ve made a difference to our community in other ways. I started the Victoria Park Urban Tree Network, tabled a motion for an urban forest strategy and now we are delivering this document through a collaborative process with the community. Additionally, I was a member of the Community Reference Group for Lathlain Park and played a key role in securing key outcomes for the community.

Why I’m running for council:

Our community needs a new voice it can trust to herald in a fresh, transparent and collaborative council. In recent years the town has mishandled, misjudged, or mismanaged the following key issues:

  • Paid Parking
  • Town Center Redevelopment at John MacMillan
  • Lathlain Park
  • Harold Rossiter Hockey Proposal
  • Amendment 73 of the Town Planning Scheme

These issues all have one common theme – they revealed significant problems with how the town and its elected members consult and collaborate with the community.  I want to tackle this problem directly and genuinely, which is why I’ve designed an online portal for the community to discuss our local issues and will offer regular collaboration sessions to determine solutions.  As a lifelong local with experience in government as a Town Planner, plus a track record for contributing meaningfully in our community, I’m well placed to continue doing great things if elected with everybody’s support.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Safe and attractive neighbourhoods through new design guidelines
  • Transparency and Collaboration through my online portal
  • Putting the ’Park’ back into Vic Park by focusing on green infrastructure


Name – Ronhhda Potter
Ward contested -Banksia Ward
Phone – 0467257621
Suburb of residence – Carlisle

Are you a member of a political party? Did not respond.

About me:

I have lived in Carlisle for over two decades, building my home, raising my two girls and growing to love the diverse community we live in. I have an Associate Diploma in Social Science and have worked in Early Childhood, Schools and Community based roles throughout my career. Currently, I own a small business in partnership in Lathlain. My parents raised me to be an active and vocal member of my community. I am passionate and not hesitant to speak up when I see injustice and unfairness.  I also love nature, especially passive spaces where I can retreat from the hustle and bustle. In my spare time, I love spending time with my friends and family, drinking too much tea and visiting our local cafes and restaurants.

Why I’m running for council:
I am a candidate because I want to better represent our community in the decision making processes that happen on council. I have been left feeling frustrated by the lack of community engagement in many projects undertaken by council. The Lathlain Oval Development process highlighted to me how little the community were represented by our councillors. Most recently, I have taken a leading role in the Save Carlisle IGA campaign. Through the campaign, members of our community rallied to save our local business. I want to support small businesses such as our local IGA to enable them to contribute to our community even more. Iwant to preserve the character and leafy green environment this area has to offer and maintain open green spaces for a variety of users, whilst recognising the need for growth and development. I want to connect the community with council, supporting the needs of all.


Name: Eugenie Stockmann
Ward contested: Banksia Ward
Phone: 0438 718 247
Suburb of residence: Lathlain

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
Originally from The Netherlands, my husband and I arrived in Australia in 2000 with two bikes and two backpacks. After living here for 15+ years I became an Australian Citizen on 26 January 2016, enabling me to run as a candidate in this Local Council Election. I am a passionate, active and engaged Victoria Park local. Among the things I love is the proximity to everything, its diversity and unique sense of place. My accomplishments include developing two multi award winning housing projects in Lathlain, establishment of the Rutland Avenue Sump Community Garden and Urban Orchard, improving bicycle infrastructure with funding for the first section of the Rutland Avenue upgrade allocated; and effecting changes to planning policy and decision-making ensuring a transparent process and sustainable outcomes.  I am well connected in the community and a member and supporter of several community groups. I am positive, honest and committed.

Why I’m running for council:
I have a strong interest in sustainable community development and a vision for how local government can go beyond consultation and work with the community to achieve a safer, more sustainable and active Town. My goals: 1) Manage increase in population density through smart, sustainable and appropriate infill development; 2) Maintain, expand and improve open and green spaces; 3) Provide safe, energy efficient and cost-effective transport options; 4) Effective and transparent decision making considering financial, social and environmental aspects; and 5) Strong financial management in line with strategic priorities.

With a management and accounting degree, Post Grad in Sustainable Development, real-life experience designing and building multi-award-winning residential housing projects in Lathlain and educating about sustainability in the property sector, I have knowledge and experience that is unique, relevant and needed on Council. I am excited to represent my community on Council and to ensure their voices are heard.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Sustainable development
  • Community engagement and participation
  • Financial management and decision making


Name: Glenn Tobin
Ward contested  Banksia
Phone: 0448511889
Suburb of residence: Victoria Park, since 1991

Are you a member of a political party? Yes, Liberal Democrat

About me:

  • WA born & educated, with a MBA from Curtin University. 
  • Founder & owner of Oresome Products, a supplier to mining companies here & overseas.
    • Married, no children.
    • Travelled & worked extensively overseas, gaining broad cultural awareness & appreciation.
    • Own 5 properties across 3 councils, so know what it is like to be a ratepayer 
    • Being Liberal Democrat I want small government, personal responsibility, low government interference in my life & my business, more money to spend how I please via lower taxes & charges, and a society that looks after the elderly, frail & disadvantaged through a hand-up, not a hand-out.
    Why running: I feel I can make a positive contribution through my lived experience & business background.
  • I am my own person, not an arse-licking political apparatchik.• I will fight for what is right, regardless of the current zeitgeist.• Unafraid to be the only contrarian in the room.• Do not want my Town to be in the media for all the wrong reasons like a few other councils recently.My top three priorities if elected: 
  • Moratorium on rate increases.
  • Town to stick to core business of roads, rubbish collection, recreation, and to look to streamline regulation& put a stop to virtue signalling.
  •  Treat ratepayers as partners, not cash cows.


Name: Karen Vernon
Ward contested:  Banksia
Phone: 0407 448 336
Suburb of residence:  Victoria Park 

Are you a member of Political Party:  No 

About me:
I have lived in Victoria Park for 20 years, and love its location, character, amenities and diversity.   I have worked as a lawyer in Perth for 23 years, including running my own practice and becoming a partner in a law firm. I have been on the boards of several companies since 1999, and am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  I have experience withlegislation, strategic planning, policy-making, multi-million dollar budgets, business case evaluations, feasibility studies and stakeholder engagement processes. I have been involved in community service, including volunteering with Millen Special School, Activ Foundation, Sussex Street Community Law Centre, mentoring students at UWA.  I am currently the Chairperson of the Homeless and Mental Health Services Advisory Committee of the St Vincent de Paul Society, and on the Board of the National Stroke Foundation, causes close to my heart. I am dedicated, enthusiastic and positive. 

Why I’m running for council:
Like many people today, I am tired of politics and politicians, including in local government. I don’t want dramas about infighting, councillors’ undeclared gifts, personal agendas and preferential deals.  I just want to see sensible, accountable and ethical decisions made that are in the best social, economic and environmental interests of our community.  So I’m doing something about it.
I know I can make a difference because:

  1. I value integrity in the process as much as the outcome;
  2. I bring anindependent and fresh perspective which is sorely needed;
  3. I have a broad set of professional skills and experience that are necessary to ensure ratepayers get the good local government they deserve.

Most importantly, I have spent my entire professional life representing the interests of others, including those who cannot speak for themselves, to achieve the best outcome for them. I will do the same for ratepayers. 

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Reduction in rates by improved financial management and operational efficiencies
  • Better engagement with the community through broader consultation and strategic community partnerships
  • Strategies for improving transparency and accountability


Name: Julian Hilton
Ward contested: Jarrah
Phone:  0422 847 101
Suburb of residence: East Victoria Park

Are you a member of a political party? Did not respond.

Why I’m running for council:

I want to represent your voice on your council. My priority is to increase community consultation processes within Council on infrastructure planning proposals. It is vital that the views of the Town of Victoria Park Council are in alignment with residents, ratepayers, and the wider community. I know that costs are up across the board, impacting family budgets. I will vote against any further rate increases and ensure ratepayer’s dollars are getting spent appropriately. I have a proven track record of advocacy within local Communities. I am pro-local business and would ensure the vibrancy of our Vic Park strip is improved upon. I am a father who lives in East Victoria Park and has worked locally for over seven years. I have achieved my Master’s Degree in Finance from UWA. I am ready to work hard and work smart on your behalf and seek your vote for ordinary councillor.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Better Community Consultation
  • No Rate Increases
  • Greater Transparency



Name:   Bronwyn Ife
Ward contested: Jarrah
Phone: 0432 125 512
Suburb of residence: Victoria Park

Are you a member of a political party?  No

About me:
I am a community candidate who has lived in Victoria Park for 15 years with my young family. I am very involved at Victoria Park Primary School as chair of the school board and parent volunteer and am actively involved in the local Little Athletics Club. I have tertiary qualifications in History, Anthropology and Education, but have spent much of my career in the public service, mainly in the areas of dispute resolution and compliance. After having children I set up my own Kindermusik business, teaching music to the youngest children in Victoria Park and for the last two years I have worked for Perth Symphony Orchestra, running their Community and Education Program. I love Victoria Park and the diverse, friendly and active community that we all share. In my spare time, I enjoy bushwalking, and singing with Curtin university’s award-winning Rhythmos choir. I am approachable, committed and independent.

Why I’m running for council:
I am running for council to bring a fresh, new, independent voice to Victoria Park. I became concerned about council decision-making when it appeared that council were considering developing one of the area’s most beautiful green spaces for a synthetic hockey turf. My commitment to save our precious green spaces for all of the community to use was the prime reason for deciding to run. I am committed to engaging with the community on all decisions. There have been too many occasions where people directly affected by a decision have only learnt of that issue by word of mouth. Community anger and feelings of being disenfranchised after inadequate consultation has led to a relationship between the council and some community members that is in need of repair.  Finally, rates.  I want the council to make decisions about rates with a clear understanding of the impact of rates rises on residents.

My top three priorities if elected:


  • To prevent development of a synthetic turf facility at either Harold Rossiter Park or Raphael Park and to work with the Hockey club and the community to find a better location.
  • Launch and host “Pollies in the Park” – allowing informal opportunities for residents to meet councillors and discuss their concerns in a relaxed setting away from the formal structure of a council meeting.
  • Work closely with council staff to identify where costs can be adjusted – are we using outside consultants too often? Could structural and organisational changes allow savings that can then flow on to ratepayers?


Name: Vince Maxwell
Ward contested (if applicable): Jarrah
Phone: 0427 962 855
Suburb of residence: Victoria Park

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I have lived in Victoria Park for 18 years with my wife of 34 years.  Our three sons went to Kent St SHS and have all left home and have their own families.  We made the decision to stay in Victoria Park when we started our home renovations and so I have a long term outlook on any decisions made at Council. My professional expertise is in Two Way radio communications and I have worked broadly within the electronics industry with a range of experience, worked in the Public Works department, I was a Policeman for 7 years, ran my own electronics business for 16 years, worked in a senior management position in a WA communications company managing multimillion dollar projects.  I don’t play any sport, I have a keen interest in financial and economic matters and I am a life member of Apex Australia, a community service organisation.

Why I’m running for council:
I have been on council for four years and it has taken some time to make some headway with some of the critical issues such as putting policy development back in the hands of Councillors where it belongs, introducing a customer relationship management system to better manage service requests and complaints, improved transparency measures, live audio recordings, disposing of the expensive Mayoral Limosine and arguing for better management and control of our finances. Strong financial controls are required to free up funds to improve our facilities and services and to get our rates down.  I feel compelled to continue the work I have started in order that these new measures are fortified and the benefits fully realised.  There is still a lot for me to do and I need your help to continue.  Thank you for your support.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Crime prevention, through advocacy and through urban design
  • Better management and financial control
  • Opening up Council committees and workshops to the public


Name: Brian Oliver
Ward contested: Jarrah Ward
Phone: 0435 229 317
Suburb of residence: Victoria Park

Are you a member of a political party? No

About me:
I have been a Vic Park local for 10 years and work as a communications and marketing manager for a not-for-profit health organisation. I grew up in the Perth hills and have four siblings, including a twin brother. Growing up on my parents 21 acre property, I have always worked hard and apply this work ethic to everything I commit myself to. My values are honesty, loyalty, team work and having a positive attitude.

I am passionate about our community, which is why I stood for council in 2013. I have strived to be an accessible Councillor to residents, businesses and community and sporting groups. I am committed to ensuring we manage the challenges of a growing inner-city community while preserving our Vic Park lifestyle. Away from work and council I enjoy watching sport, spending time with friends and family and being uncle to my niece and nephew.

Why I’m running for council:

As the current Deputy Mayor, I am seeking re-election so I can continue the good work which I have been proud to be involved in on Council over the past 4 years. If re-elected to Council, my commitments are;

  • Active representation and listening to the community;
  • A greener Vic Park by implementing our Urban Forest Strategy;
  • Continue to focus on crime prevention and enhance community safety by supporting CCTV grants and Neighbourhood Watch Groups;
  • Support community and sporting groups so they remain sustainable and successful;
  • Continued investment in parks and buildings so Vic Park remains an exciting place to live, work and play;
  • Positive leadership, good governance and open, transparent communication.

I am passionate about our community and excited for our future. I am seeking your vote to continue delivering a positive and progressive Vic Park.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Active representation by listening to views and concerns of residents and business owners
  • Continued support and investment in community and sporting groups
  • Ensure our Urban Forest Strategy is completed, and implemented


Peter Smith – No response


Name: Hamer Zavaleta-Vidal
Ward contested: Jarrah
Phone: 0497582325
Suburb of residence: Not provided

Are you a member of a political party? Did not respond.

About me:
I am a professional Electrical Engineer, with a Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Utility Engineering)- Curtin University. Also, I have anEngineers Australia Membership 3273645, a Chartered Professional Engineer, and National Engineering Registration.

  1. I possess an extensive experience in management, electrical engineering and leadership.
  2. I’ve worked for over 20 years in as an electrical engineer in the Australian public sector, Western Power, andprivate sector, AHD Resources & Energy. I’vealso worked, in overseas, for renowned international electrical companies

Right from the inception of my Electrical Engineering studies, I’ve fostered, trust, integrity andloyalty to my profession and family. If you elect me your councillor for Jarrah Ward, I will pursue those principles which are not negotiable. I will foster loyalty, trust and integrity to ratepayers and community. With an extensive experience in project management, electrical engineering, leadership, and communication, it is time to put my experience at the service of the Town of Victoria Park, Town where I’ve been living for 15 years, in which, I’m doing business and studied at the Curtin University. With the only interest of serving to the Town,and not, the other way around. Ibelieve Council should be managed as close as possible toprivate businessesso that ratepayers can get more, in return.

My top three priorities if elected:

  • Community safety by putting people first;
  • With the same resources,better management;
  • Open meetings welcoming public participation in decision making.