Alcoa protestors to gather in Pinjarra for the Strike for Your Rights concert

Alcoa workers Steve Harvey from Baldivis and Andy Ranford from Rockingham. Photo: Jess Warriner
Alcoa workers Steve Harvey from Baldivis and Andy Ranford from Rockingham. Photo: Jess Warriner

PINJARRA’S Premier Hotel will be home to the Strike for Your Rights concert on September 1, when Alcoa protestors will gather to celebrate their brotherhood.

The concert will be dedicated to local community members and businesses, including the Premier Hotel, who have supported Alcoa workers during recent protests over their proposed enterprise bargaining agreement.

Hosted by the Australian Workers’ Union (AWU), local bands including Filthy Habits, will perform and food and drinks will be shared.

There has been no confirmation but strikers are also hoping Opposition leader Bill Shorten will make a guest appearance.

Event coordinator and Alcoa worker and protestor Andy Ranford said the hotel supported the AWU during protests and they were paying the hotel back the favour.

Aylish Murray, Yvette Murray, Darren Murray, Austin Murray, John Murray. Photo: Jess Warriner

“We’ve had donations from businesses and people who had dropped off food supplies at the picket line – this event is a thank you to them,” he said.

Hundreds of Alcoa workers from multiple refineries voiced their concerns over job security outside Parliament House in Perth on Wednesday .

Protestors chanted “change the rules” and hundreds waved flags from 11.30am, across the road from Parliament, extending their two-week industrial action.

AWU WA State Secretary Mike Zoetbrood told Community News on August 9 1600 workers at the Kwinana, Pinjarra and Wagerup refineries and Huntley and Willowdale bauxite mines would be affected.

Mandurah MLA David Templeman and Murray Wellington MLA Robyn Clarke have expressed their concerns about the impact the current industrial action at Alcoa is having on families and businesses in the region.

“Robyn and I have visited the picket lines, attended the major rally at Parliament House on Wednesday this week and have talked to numerous workers involved in the dispute,” he said.

“They are very concerned about job security and many have expressed to us that for them this issue is about the job security for their families and those workers who will seek to work at Alcoa in the future.”

Mr Templeman said that as local members, he and Ms Clarke needed to express their support for the workers and their families and strongly urged Alcoa management to work with the Union to reach an agreement as soon as possible.

An Alcoa spokeswoman said claims by the Australian Workers Union (AWU) that Alcoa is seeking to casualise the workforce were untrue.

“The union is seeking an absolute guarantee that employees can never be made redundant involuntarily,” she said.

Voting for the new EBA will open next week.