Pinjarra: Fairbridge Village to host survival expert Bob Cooper

Survival expert Bob Cooper is at Fairbridge Village this month.
Survival expert Bob Cooper is at Fairbridge Village this month.

SURVIVING the Australian outback when things go wrong is a deadly game of chance for some travellers who have not educated themselves, according to one of Australia’s leading survival experts.

Bob Cooper, author of the best selling book Outback Survival, will present his bush survival knowledge to the Horizons Unlimited fifth WA Travellers meeting at Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra on Saturday, October 28.

“The weather is better at this time of year and many travellers take safety shortcuts thinking there are more people around if something goes wrong but it’s a risk you do not want to take,’’ he said.

“There are vast areas of uninhabited land with little or no amenities or service of any kind – including no mobile phone reception – so everyone needs a plan B if plan A goes wrong.”

Mr Cooper said not having an effective way to signal for help was a common issue, one that prompted him to release his latest product – a new survival blanket designed to attract attention quickly and effectively when stranded or injured.

“When you are lost in the outback with limited water in searing heat, you have to get your message out that you need help now,” he said.

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