Pinjarra Police Station gets more officers and introduces 24-hour policing night shift

L to R - Senior Sergeant Ian Francis & Sergeant Gareth Reed. Picture: Jon Hewson
L to R - Senior Sergeant Ian Francis & Sergeant Gareth Reed. Picture: Jon Hewson

PINJARRA Police station has three more officers and has introduced, for the first time ever, a 24-hour policing night shift.

Pinjarra Officer in Charge (OIC) Senior Sergeant Ian Francis said the extra resources were a result of the recent metropolitan policing restructure and the establishment of eight districts.

“It was about repositioning staff from the response teams and putting those people back in the police stations,” he said.

“The community is going to see more police out on the road in Pinjarra, a whole lot more.”

The night shifts began on the launch of the restructure on July 2.

“We’ve never had the numbers to achieve this in the past so this is a huge win for the local community,” he said.

“We now have local police operating 24 hours a day.”

Sen Serg Francis is new to the station but has been policing for 35 years.

The Mandurah resident said he was previously stationed with Armadale Police running their response team.

“As a result of the restructure, we have three extra officers, a sergeant and two constables” he said.

Sen Serg Francis said night shift workers in Pinjarra will have a greater sense of security with the police being present around the clock.

“We have people across the road from the station, like the baker who comes in at 1am at Muffin Break or Pinjarra bakery where bakers are working all night cooking.

“Those people, who work all night like we do, are now going to know if they need police assistance, they can ring and local police will turn up.”