South Yunderup floating esky video goes viral

The floating picnic table. Source: Facebook.
The floating picnic table. Source: Facebook.

THE blokes behind Dunno Engineering don’t need to spend thousands on a tinny – they have their own special boat.

A video posted to their Facebook page shows their floating picnic table in action on the Murray River in South Yunderup.

The table features eskies to keep their beers cold, an umbrella to keep things shady and an outboard to get them where they are going.

Dunno Engineering is based in Kwinana and made up of a group of mates who create projects in their spare time.

This is not the first time Perth has seen a picnic table on the move.

In November 2015, police were on the look out for the men who drove down Scarborough’s streets on a motorised picnic table during a Sunday sesh.

Unlike that table though, Dunno’s table is legal.