Waroona dog owner fined $1500 after attack on neighbour’s property

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THE owner of a dog was fined $1500 in Mandurah Magistrates Court yesterday after his beloved pet bit the head and neck of another dog, resulting in nearly $1400 in vet bills.

Errol Peter Ishiguchi (26) pleaded guilty to being the owner of a dog who attacked and caused physical harm, and was in a place without consent.

Shire of Murray lawyer Ron Porter said the owner of Viper, a female Bull Arab Cross, attacked Rosie, a female Maltese Shih Tzu, and bit the top of Rosie’s head on Christmas Day on Ishiguchi’s next door neighbour’s property in Waroona.

Viper then rolled Rosie on her back and bit her neck.

Viper fled to Ishiguchi’s next door neighbour’s home and attacked Rosie after the dog owner’s partner opened the gate to move a car from the yard.

Mr Porter said Viper had to have his jaw pulled open to release Rosie from his mouth.

The defence lawyer said Rosie needed urgent medical attention and Rosie’s owner paid $1390 in vet costs.

The lawyer said Ishiguchi’s dog had never injured another dog before as he was “gentle”.

Ishiguchi said he had paid all the vet costs.

Defence said Ishiguchi had fences and gates around his home and felt upset about the incident.

Ishiguchi also made a request for a spent conviction order on the charges as they weren’t criminal and in relation to him personally.

Magistrate Vivien Edwards fined Ishiguchi $1500 fine and granted him a spent conviction order.

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