Comedy has always been a top priority for the 24-year-old Salter Point resident, who started doing stand-up comedy as a creative outlet while completing his commerce degree at UWA.

�Growing up, I was always the person who got into awkward circumstances; I like to put my characters in similar situations,� McKenna said.

�Making someone laugh is a great first impression.�

Setting Them Straight tells the story of a young man coming out of the closet as straight to his parents after living the majority of his life as gay.

�It is essentially about how parents live vicariously through their kids,� McKenna said. �If he�s no longer gay, they will lose what makes them special and different.�

Palm Springs is one of the top 10 film festivals in the world but McKenna�s film will go to California without him.

�I work in the David Jones menswear department; I still need to pay the rent,� he said.

The project received the majority of funding from the WA Film and Television Institute and McKenna�s own crowd-funding project covered the remaining costs.

According to McKenna, there are not many laughs when it comes to the business side of being a comedy writer.

�You can�t plan anything,� he said. �It�s two years of work for three months of pay; that�s frustrating.�

Last year McKenna co-wrote Four Quarters, an AFL-based web series funded by Screen Australia and Screen West.

Four Quarters had a budget of $450,000, was filmed in Melbourne and I wrote the whole thing from Shenton Park,� he said.

McKenna�s 2013 romantic comedy Dinner Date won the National Campus Film Festival.

Although Perth�s film industry often gets a bad rap in comparison to Melbourne or Sydney, McKenna is optimistic.

�Gone are the days where moving to Sydney is a requirement; there are three feature films being shot in Perth soon,� he said.

Setting Them Straight is a comedy but the short film also has an important message for the audience.

�It�s a social commentary about the absurdity of not accepting others,� McKenna said.

�His parents want to hold on to what makes them special so much, they don�t consider their son�s feelings.�

Setting Them Straight is on at the Revelation Film Festival from July 2 to 12.