Indian meal the real deal

Shish Mahal
Shish Mahal

During a recent visit to Shish Mahal Indian Restaurant, I discovered I no longer needed to travel halfway around the world to experience the authenticity of Indian food.

As soon as we walked in, we were treated to a table that was lit by candles and scene-setting soft Indian music.

The tantalizing scents from the kitchen left us wanting to dine immediately so we chose to have the buffet. With over 35 dishes to choose from, the buffet did not disappoint as we began our meal with vegetable samosas and tandoori chicken.

A highlight for my partner was his first bite into the vegetable samosa describing them as a ‘drops from heaven.’

With the perfect blend of spices, our appetizers left our taste buds and stomachs wanting more.

Our second trip to the buffet left us balancing our plates with rice, pappadums, two different naan breads and a variety of different curries.

The butter chicken was soft and creamy and the hot option of beef vindaloo was melt-in-mouth tender with a gravy that complimented everything perfectly.

The dhal was flawless and the lentils mixed with a range of herbs and spices was the best way to finish the main course.

We couldn’t leave without tasting the gulab jamuns for dessert. Needless to say after the first taste we headed to the buffet for a second serve.

The delicious, warm sweets were too good to refuse as they sweetened our senses and we reflected on the delights the restaurant had to offer.