Jeremy’s jazzy Homecoming

Sax player Jeremy
Sax player Jeremy Trezona.        d449710

Now Carlisle-born saxophone player Jeremy Trezona has touched back down on home soil to launch his new album at the Ellington Jazz Club.

“This show at the Ellington is really like a homecoming for me, I haven’t been back in Perth for about two years,” Trezona (27) said.

“It’s really a dual homecoming and record release show of my new album.

“The gig itself will be a mixture of songs I like playing or mean something to me, and the second half will be my original stuff.”

Currently based in LA, Trezona has spent the past two years living a musician’s dream, as he tours with band Saint Motel.

“I guess I’m in two worlds at the moment. On the one hand, I have my own jazz music which is very dear to me, but I just play that to small crowds,” he said.

“Then on the other side, there’s rock band Saint Motel.

“The first tour I did with them was supporting the Arctic Monkeys, and we’ve played at Coachella and on a whole bunch of US talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan O’Brien.”

Trezona released a solo jazz album late last year and said the band Saint Motel was working on its next to be released mid-2016.

Trezona will play at the Ellington Jazz Club this month.

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