Joint merger talk series under way

Victoria Park Mayor Trevor Vaughan said they were together planning for what an amalgamation might look like and function.

Issues such as resource sharing, boundary adjustments and scenario planning are being considered by the taskforce.

‘We are supportive of the State Government’s pursuit of local government reform but prefer to predetermine our community’s fate rather than risk having it be imposed upon us,’ Cr Vaughan said.

‘The joint taskforce will indicate to both communities whether their amalgamation, boundary adjustments and/or resource sharing will be viable.’

South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said the City was confident the alliance between the two would be beneficial whether or not amalgamations occurred.

‘By identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of every aspect of both local governments, we will identify commonalities as well as differences, which can potentially lead to cost savings and benefits for both communities,’ she said.

The taskforce has written to the Premier, and all other state MPs, about the importance of retaining the Burswood Peninsula to the future viability of the Town, amalgamated or otherwise.

Cr Vaughan said Local Government Minister Tony Simpson had indicated his support for the work of the joint taskforce.

‘The minister affirmed his position that the river is a natural boundary and that there should not be any extension of council areas across it.

He also acknowledged the importance of the Burswood Peninsula to the Town,’ Cr Vaughan said.

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