Pool hosts pirate play

mermaids, sword fights at oasis
mermaids, sword fights at oasis

Cloverdale resident Emma Humphreys (38) is the musical’s writer, director, producer and lead actress, and said the crew had been working on the production since last year to prepare for the physically demanding musical, which takes place entirely in the pool and on a specially made pirate ship.

‘We’ve done a lot of training in the lead-up to this so everyone is very swim fit at the moment,’ she said.

‘There are some very elaborate sword fights that take place in the pool.’

Arrr! The Pirate Musical is the story of the Bonnydock brothers’ journey to honour a pact with the Mermaid Queen, played by Humphreys, so one of them can gain power over the fastest ship in the ocean.

Humphreys, who has been part of the WA arts scene since she was 18, said she devised the production mainly because of the need to find a way to use other venues for smaller theatre companies.

‘Perth doesn’t really have a great deal of smaller accessible venues for smaller theatre companies, we have nice new venues for all the big productions but all of the other mid-sized venues are gone,’ she said.

The musical’s use of the pool has also allowed for the use of fully functioning mermaid costumes.

Actress Miccala Swain (16), from Cloverdale, who stars as one of the mermaids, said children who had seen her at rehearsals were amazed to see a ‘real-life’ mermaid. Arrr! The Pirate Musical will be on at the Belmont Oasis on April 12 at 7.30pm and on April 13 and 14 at 2pm and 7.30pm.

Opportunity cardholders can receive up to six free tickets.

To book tickets, email info@climbing vine.com.au or call 9277 6190.