Retired drama teacher shines in Garrick Theatre’s Silver Lining

Silver Lining at the Garrick Theatre.
Silver Lining at the Garrick Theatre.

RETIRED drama teacher Gail Lusted plays a feisty carer in the Garrick Theatre’s production of retirement home comedy Silver Lining this month.

The Victoria Park resident said the character she played, Hope, was an angry woman whom the residents gave a hard time.

Ms Lusted said Hope listened to the resident’s comical stories and soon grew to respect them.

“There’s some cracking one liners in the play and I have to stop myself from laughing,” she said.

“It shows that just because you’re old it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your |personality and sense |of humour.”

Set in the Gravesend Retirement Home in England, Silver Lining follows the hilarious plight of five elderly ladies who share remarkable stories from their lives when a storm hits and they have to plan an escape to avoid rising flood waters.

Director Dale James said there was plenty of humour and racy language in the script, which showed getting old was not easy, but that people should always look on the bright side and never give up hope.