South Perth-raised singer’s one woman country music cabaret

Cinzia Lee
Cinzia Lee

FALLING asleep to the sounds of country and western music has led a Perth singer to write and perform a one-woman country music cabaret.

Growing up with her mum’s choice of country music, Cinzia Lee wanted to show others the funny and surprising side of the genre.

“Randy Travis, Steve Earle and of course Kenny and Dolly were my lullabies,” she said.

“I think people either love country music or aren’t the biggest fans.

“I wrote the show to include both ends of the spectrum, so everyone would leave having had a good belly laugh, a touching moment, and a bit of a sing-along.”

Lee moved to Sydney when she was 18 but hasn’t forgotten her roots, being born and raised in South Perth.

“Penrhos College really helped launched my performing arts career,” she said.

“I wrote my first cabaret show on the cruise ship when I was 23, but only on returning to Perth have I been writing and performing one-woman shows for Downstairs at The Maj.”

Her 2017 sold-out show Don’t Judge Country (cause it starts with…) will be performed again for Downstairs at the Maj as part of Fringe World next month.

Lee said the one thing about country and western music was it loved to surprise you.

“Country and western music can move you to tears and crack you up with song titles like ‘Flushed from the bathroom of your heart’,” she said.

“Having Billy Ray Cyrus’ autobiography to play with too also has been so funny and surprising in a good way all in one.”


WHAT: Don’t Judge Country (cause it starts with…) cabaret show

WHERE: Downstairs at the Maj, His Majesty’s Theatre

WHEN: February 12 – 16 at 7pm

TICKETS: Fringe World or Perth Theatre Trust