$2 million Powerball winning ticket bought in Cloverdale

$2 million Powerball winning ticket bought in Cloverdale

A FENG shui design and a new water fountain could be helping the Cloverdale Here’s Luck Lottery Centre live up to its name after selling a $2 million division one Powerball ticket last week.

The newsagent in the Belmont Forum has been on a lucky streak, selling 24 division one winning tickets over the last 13 years.

Last week’s win comes less than three months since the store last produced a $1.5 million winner.

The winner, from the southern suburbs, took five days to realise he was one of three division one winners nationally to share the $6 million prize pool.

After his purchase, the man put his ticket in his jacket pocket and went to work, completely forgetting about the ticket.

He did some shopping at the centre days after the draw and found out that Here’s Luck Lottery Centre had sold a big Powerball winner and things started clicking into place.

The man rushed home to find his jacket with the ticket to check it.

He celebrated his big win with a steak and a couple of beers and can now pay off bills including his mortgage and help his family.

Store owner Sel Selvendra said he had gone to great lengths to try and create luck in his store.

“We’ve spent a lot of time on the design and layout of the store, which is based on feng shui,” Mr Selvendra said.

“In particular the placement of a water fountain in front of the store, which represents wealth and prosperity.

“We’re an extremely lucky store and we keep delivering winners time and time again.

“It’s always a good feeling and we love sharing the news with our customers.”