Reconciliation Action Plan for Belmont

THE City of Belmont launched its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2015-2017 during Reconciliation Week.

It puts building meaningful relationships with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities on the City’s agenda for the next two years.

The plan began development in 2010 when a council standing committee was formed to focus on community development

that included Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

As the plan gained momentum and consultation was undertaken, the City was one of only nine councils in WA in

2014 that had or was developing a Reconciliation Australia endorsed RAP.

The plan was based on values including empowering Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities to create more ownership for initiatives within the Belmont area, and communication between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities and staff to help plan, implement and evaluate the City’s initiatives.

Belmont Mayor Phil Marks said the launch marked a significant milestone in the journey that the City of Belmont embarked upon several years ago to build meaningful relationships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

He also acknowledged Aboriginal Reference Committee community members Janice McEwan, Lesley Radloff and Doreen Nelson for sharing their knowledge and expertise, and assisting the City to develop the plan.

“The Reconciliation Action Plan forms the framework for continuing to build on this relationship between the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the City,” he said.

“It enables Aboriginal communities to be heard, creating an environment in which Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can live and work together.”