Aged care boss keen to foster young talent

Southcare chief executive Nicky Howe.
Southcare chief executive Nicky Howe.

‘We can be a mother, wife, sister and businesswoman ” these are not mutually exclusive roles,’ Dr Howe, of Leeming, said.

Under Dr Howe’s leadership, the not-for-profit organisation launched a social innovation project aimed at encouraging young leaders in board positions in the aged and community care sectors.

‘Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards is a social innovation project developed to increase the leadership and governance capacity in the not-for-profit sector by engaging young people and organisations in a sector-wide collaborative approach to capacity building,’ she said.

The program was developed and delivered by Dr Howe and external business partner Alicia Curtis and was delivered by Southcare in collaboration with more than 20 organisational partners.

‘As a result of this program, Southcare is gaining a reputation as an innovative, collaborative organisation that is leading the sector by advocating for and investing in the capacity of young leaders and improved board governance,’ she said.

Dr Howe said that being named a finalist enabled her be a role model for other women and demonstrate how they could achieve whatever they wanted if they put their mind to it.

Another local finalist is Nicole Ashby, from Melville-based FIFO Families.