Airport conservation precincts scrapped

Airport conservation precincts scrapped

The report was presented at last Tuesday’s agenda briefing forum and is expected to again be raised at the next Belmont council meeting.

The City of Belmont is preparing its final submission to the master plan, which is open for public comment until September 15.

The officer’s report said it was unfortunate that the master plan was not more strategic by better integrating local and State government planning.

It also said a lack of detail with respect to timing and design of each of the proposed precincts, particularly Airport West, made ongoing planning for surrounding areas difficult.

The report urged Perth Airport to consult with Main Roads WA regarding the timeframe for closure of the Brearley Avenue connection to Great Eastern Highway because the City understood it was dependent on the Stage II upgrade of the highway to six lanes, which was only now in the preliminary stages of planning.

The proposed management for stormwater drainage could affect residents of Coolgardie Avenue, Kanowna Avenue East and Central Avenue due to the high groundwater table.

The report also recommended the water catchment boundaries be revised to include the main drains to the Swan River so the full water catchment could be understood, not just those within the Perth Airport estate.

It also called for environment values to not just be considered as proposed on a case-by-case basis but identified for each precinct plan.