Anger over development

The proposed development consists of six dwellings on a 577sq m lot which is zoned |R80.

Because the development proposed reflects a density of 60 homes per hectare, it is referred to as a medium-density development.

‘They have really packed it in,’ First Avenue resident Ashley Buckle said.

‘They are trying to get as much built as possible on this small block of land.’

Residents were concerned that if this development was allowed it would set a precedent and more higher-density development would be allowed on local streets.

They were also concerned about the increase of traffic and noise and the loss of privacy for neighbouring |houses.

The City of South Perth will consider the application at its July 22 meeting. It has previously said that all submissions received by the City are objections to the proposed development.

The objections related to parking and traffic provision, streetscape compatibility, concerns with proposed setback variations, concerns with open space and landscaping provision and compromised space for rubbish bins.