Art appreciation just the right medicine

WHEN you next walk into Belgravia Medical, don�t be surprised if more people are there to check out the art than to get a check up.

Pradeep Jayasuriya has opened a gallery in his medical centre which features the talents of his many patients.

�The genesis of the idea came from the realisation that many of our patients were talented and creative but were limited in their capacity to display this to a wider audience,� he said.

�The aims of the gallery are in essence to provide a forum for our patients to display their work, for enjoyment and pleasure of those who view and to inspire and motivate others.�

There are about 20 pieces in the gallery and it covers a full spectrum of mediums, techniques and styles.

�We have unearthed some very talented individuals and the quality of work is outstanding. The patients who are not artists are equally enthused by the opportunity to view these special creations,� he said.

Dr Jayasuriya said art and health were intimately connected.

�The benefit of art for people with health conditions is well established but the viewer of art also derives benefit. When the art is seen by someone they know or only separated by one degree the impact is even greater,� he said.