Assault, theft charges

The incident happened about 3.30pm on Monday, April 22 when two women were on a bus that left the Booragoon bus station.

An argument began on the bus before one girl hopped off the bus in Kardinya and was followed by the other.

‘The victim started walking to her house when the person of interest sprayed chemical in her eyes,’ Detective Neil Blake alleged.

Detectives allege two other women then began threatening the victim and stole her handbag.

‘The girl ran home and told her brother, who came out to approach the women and was threatened by one of them with a hammer.’

Det Blake said three women were charged, one with assault, one with stealing and threatening and a third with receiving stolen goods.

They are due in court later this month.

– Det Blake is urging mobile phone users to use a tracking app to make it easier to find lost phones.