Balneun Apartment owners want address in Ascot not Belmont

Google Maps view of 88 Great Eastern Highway.
Google Maps view of 88 Great Eastern Highway.

BALNEUN Apartments Council of Owners has applied to change the property address from Belmont to Ascot for 88 Great Eastern Highway.

The Council of Owners lodged its application, which includes Celebrations Liquor and The Cray Restaurant and offices being rezoned to become Ascot, with the City of Belmont in November 2017.

John Morrison, a resident of Balneun Apartments, said residents wanted the change because the Belmont zoning was causing various issues.

“We experience a lot of difficulty in receiving services from taxis, delivery trucks and tradesmen, purely because of the misconception that the area is already part of Ascot,” he said.

“On the northern side of the building is Adachi Park which is listed on the City of Belmont’s website as being in Ascot and on the southern side is a commercial development that is clearly signed Celebrations at Ascot.

“Balneun Apartments are further isolated from Belmont by the eight lane highway.

“So, we feel that to include the property within the Ascot boundary would be of benefit to all, with more than 70 extra rate payers contributing to the small suburb.”

As part of the City’s application review, it surveyed residents to gain insight into their views on the proposed change.

From the 57 responses, 22 opposed the development submitting comments such as, “No valid reason provided other than Ascot having a higher property value” and “The Belmont suburb should at least have a section that connects to the river because without it, it would de-value the suburb further”.

Following the council decision on May 22, the City will make a recommendation to Landgate, as the final authority on the matter.

City officers have recommend council not support the application as it does not adequately demonstrate a need for change aligned with the criteria of the ‘Policies and Standards for Geographical Naming in Western Australia’.

The locality of Ascot was formed in 1991 from portions of the existing Belmont and Redcliffe localities, which both had river frontage.

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