Baptistcare building gets extra security

They have put up fencing and boarded up the windows at the building, which has not been occupied since 2009.

‘Baptistcare has been aware in the past of some members of the public visiting the vacant building,’ Anita Chose, Baptistcare’s acting chief executive, said.

‘In response, immediate security measures have been put in place,’ she said.

Police charged a 21-year-old man over the fire after locating him at a nearby homeless shelter.

Murlali Lodge, part of the Salvation Army’s homelessness services, is located in Salter Point.

Divisional Communications and Fundraising Secretary Warren Palmer said the lodge had experienced a few incidents which have required police intervention.

‘But we also do have a very good working relationship with the police who regularly visit, many times with no direct business but to provide a good presence and support,’ he said.

The lodge, which accommodates 60 residents, is a temporary facility.

Mr Palmer said the Salvation Army was conscious of how their services integrate into the community.

‘We work diligently and intensively with our residents to manage behaviours to minimise any impact,’ he said.

‘Inevitably, there will be some interactions between the community and people seeking our assistance and we acknowledge that this will not always sit comfortably with some and possibly create some uneasiness.’