Belmont advertising board plans cut back over potential hazard to drivers

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PLANS for a large digital advertising board in Belmont have been cut back over concerns it could pose a hazard to drivers.

The idea was for a 36sq m digital board to feature on a future $2.2 million multi-storey office and lunch bar development on the corner of Great Eastern Highway and Belmont Avenue.

It would promote businesses on site and be used for third party advertising.

However, at a Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) meeting last Wednesday, members voted to back a City of Belmont report to restrict the sign to a maximum of 8sq m and limit what could be displayed.

A WA Planning Commission representative had earlier argued the sign could be a hazard to motorists.

“It is considered the signage in this location has the potential to interfere, conflict and distract drivers and other road users who are looking to the changes in traffic signals to be able to navigate the intersection safely,” she said.

Belmont spokeswoman Alyssa van Butzelaar also spoke against the board’s scale on the grounds it could distract drivers approaching the intersection, it could obscure architectural features of the building and third party advertising was not associated with a sense of place.

Speaking in favour of the application, Pinnacle Planning’s Ben Carter said the 36sq m signage would offer balance to the facade of the building.

He said the design would minimise light spill, particularly at night, and the board could be remotely controlled and switched off if there was a malfunction.

“These forms of electronic signage do form landmark locations and bookends,” he said.

“In this instance we see that, particularly coming out of the City, you turn right at the screen to head into the Belmont town centre, it’s more of a marker.

“It’s not identified as a landmark location in the City’s framework but we think there’s more than enough reason to round out and build it.”

Ultimately JDAP members voted 4-1 to restrict the size of the signage.

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