Belmont Park plan set to go public

The Town of Victoria Park will soon advertise a draft Detailed Area Plan (DAP) for Precinct C of the Belmont Park Racecourse site in Burswood, proposed by the WA Turf Club.

The DAP was provided to the Town on March 30 and will not be advertised until council officers and the Future Life and Built Life director are satisfied it meets requirements of the structure plan approved by the Town in September, 2012, and the WA Planning Commission in March, 2013.

Precinct C includes the racetrack and grandstand building, horseracing and sports club facilities. The structure plan includes rehabilitating the 16ha foreshore reserve and an interpretive centre combining the boatshed to highlight the area�s Aboriginal heritage.

The transit-oriented redevelopment will ensure the retention of the racetrack and development of a new grandstand building.

Once the Town has approved the DAP for advertising, it will be open for public comment for 21 days, notice of which will be given in a variety of ways, including on the Town�s website and via its social media channels.

Letters will be sent to nearby property owners and occupiers and the cities of Bayswater, Belmont, Vincent and Perth.