Bodhi Wellness Spa Retreat to be part of new Perth International Business Class Transit Lounge

The Bodhi J Wellbeing Studio.
The Bodhi J Wellbeing Studio.

DANNY and Tania Taylor from Bodhi J Wellness Spa Retreat can finally reveal that their business is part of the new Perth International Business Class Transit Lounge.

Bodhi J Wellbeing Studio will have a holistic approach to wellness offering Perth to London Qantas Dreamliner passengers gentle stretching sessions and mindfulness and breath awareness techniques.

Mr Taylor said that the 12-15 minute sessions would start with soothing aromatic inhalations and were suitable for all ages and fitness levels in a setting designed to invoke a sense of tranquillity and calm.

The Bodhi J Wellbeing Studio.

He said the mindfulness and breath awareness techniques brought about a calm meditative state while the stretching elements of the sessions encouraged gentle movement to the body.

“This innovative wellness offering will support Qantas passengers in preparing for, or acclimatising following, their long-haul flight by providing wellness tools for use before, during and after travel,” Mr Taylor said.

The Taylors were approached by Qantas in September last year and have been working on the concept since then.

The Perth International Business Class Transit Lounge officially opens tomorrow.

The lounge was unveiled to the media today ahead of tomorrow’s inaugural Perth to London Dreamliner service.

It was designed by lead designer of the Qantas 787 Dreamliner interiors David Coan and Sumu Design in consultation with the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre using an evidence-based approach to wellness.

Among the features of the lounge is “light therapy” in the shower suits to help adjust the body clock and an open-air terrace with a barbecue serving gourmet dishes by Neil Perry.

Qantas head of customer product and service Philip Capps said an emphasis on wellness in the lounge design was a whole new approach to long-haul travel.

“We’ve brought together some of Australia’s best culinary, design and scientific minds to create a lounge experience that will help set our customers up to feel better throughout their journey,” he said.

Charles Perkins Centre professor of sleep medicine Peter Cistulli said the overarching goal was to enhance the passenger travel experience and optimise well-being.

“We’ve worked with the University of Sydney’s School of Physics to create an airline-first bespoke body clock intervention using bright light to help kick start the adjustment of customers’ body clocks,” he said.

“Applying light at appropriate times helps reduce the effects of jet lag,” Professor Cistulli said.

The lounge includes seating for 141 customers, multiple USB and charging ports, wireless printing, Wi-Fi, TV screens and 15 shower suites.

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