Boundary blow

Following the announcement by Premier Colin Barnett and Local Government Minister Tony Simpson that the City of Perth’s boundaries would be expanded to encompass Burswood, Cr Vaughan expressed disappointment.

‘We are gravely disappointed that the State Government has blatantly ignored our request to keep the Crown Casino and future Stadium land in our Town, and in effect that a corner of the peninsula will be hived off with the only purpose being to beef up the City of Perth,’ he said.

‘This will result in our ratepayers, and those of the newly amalgamated community, having to wear a rates increase just so that the City of Perth can be larger.

‘There has been a total disregard for our financial sustainability, however the City of Perth will be more financially sustainable than ever at a cost to our community.’

He added that the chief executives and mayors from the Town and City of South Perth were concerned that while the City of Perth collects rates from Crown Perth and State Government, their community will be left with managing day-to-day outcomes of what will be increased activity surrounding the two landmarks.

‘Traffic, noise and people movement, and other related issues will be our responsibility while the City of Perth will enjoy increased status and other benefits,’ he said.