City of Perth plan for Burswood grab stymied

THE plan to give the City of Perth power over the Burswood Peninsula has been rejected after Labor’s amendments passed through the Legislative Assembly.

The original legislation included sections that would have allowed the City of Perth to absorb the Burswood Peninsula, including the Crown Perth complex and the new Perth stadium.

But under WA Labor’s number of amendments, a special Act of Parliament will need to pass before any boundary changes occur.

Victoria Park MLA Ben Wyatt said the community had been firm in its opposition for Burswood Peninsula to become a part of the City of Perth.

“For those people living in Victoria Park, such changes would have resulted in either increased rates, fewer services or a combination of both,” he said.

“Now the Parliament will have the final say on any such boundary change.

“Despite this protection, it is important that everyone in Victoria Park is aware the Liberal Party still intends to bring the Burswood Peninsula into the boundary of the City of Perth.”

Opposition spokesman David Templeman said the visible measures were exactly what the community had been calling for.

“By finally accepting our amendments, the Parliament has now introduced important transparency and accountability measures,” he said.