Burswood rates concerns presented

The proposal by minister Tony Simpson to the Local Government Advisory Board is that Crown Casino and the new football stadium be transferred into the City of Perth.

However, the South Perth and Victoria Park councils are adamant that the proposed new local government entity will not be financially viable without the rate revenue coming from Crown.

City of South Perth deputy mayor Glenn Cridland said the City had welcomed the strong support the community had received from all on this issue.

‘The petition shows that our local community is very concerned about the outcome of the State Government’s local government changes.

‘The community wants to ensure they are listened to and engaged in the process,’ he said.

He added that the City would like to see the minister reconsider and withdraw his ‘seriously flawed’ plan.

‘The minister should return to his initial position of supporting a fair amalgamation between the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park, fully funded by the State Government,’ he said.