Cadets enjoy life on beat

Police cadets Nikki Amphlett and Akash Verma at Kensington Police Station.
Police cadets Nikki Amphlett and Akash Verma at Kensington Police Station.

SEEING her brother come home wearing a police uniform was all the incentive 17-year-old Nikki Amphlett needed to join the police force.

�I�ve always really wanted to be a cop and when my brother came home and said he was a police officer that really sealed the deal,� Ms Amphlett said.

She is one of two police cadets stationed at Kensington Police Station.

The cadets undergo a two-year placement as part of their training.

Both cadets are in the first year of their placement and move to different stations every four or five months. Ms Amphlett�s fellow police cadet at Kensington, 18-year-old Akash Verma, said it was his second posting after spending time at the busy Cannington Police Station and he was relishing his new-found career.

�My dad has always been interested in police work and he has friends who are police officers, so I decided to apply as I wanted a job with new challenges every day,� Mr Verma said.

Both cadets said no two days in the job were the same and they both looked forward to coming to work. �In the morning we are typically attending front counter duties, filing reports and then in the afternoon we go out on the road with two constables,� Ms Amphlett said.

�We are there as observers as part of our training and we are taught skills such as how to read a situation and we rely on the experience of some of the more senior officers.

�One thing we have learned is that you have to be very patient and stay in control.�

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