Caitlin’s efforts out of sight

The Manning Primary School student is helping dispel the myth that retinitis pigmentosa is an older person�s disease and has co-opted the support of her peers to get the message out there.

According to Retina Australia WA, Caitlin�s condition � a form of retina degeneration � is one of the leading causes of childhood blindness worldwide.

With her team the Visionaries, Caitlin will complete the 12km route in a challenge that has already raised more than $1500 towards her $2000 goal for Retinitis Australia WA.

But that�s not all: as part of her Primary Extension and Challenge group, students have undertaken a project called �Make a Difference�, with Caitlin choosing to raise awareness and funds for research into the condition.

She is co-ordinating a dress in green gold-coin donation day at her school in June, posters, pamphlets and a speech to educate students and staff about her vision loss.