Call for native trees not imports

In the Gazette‘s January 21 edition, South Metro MLC Lynn MacLaren urged the council to review its plan to replace 14 native trees planted in 2000 with North American red oaks. The trees include eastern state eucalypts, a WA mallee and a WA flooded gum and are earmarked for removal in February to make way for the car park extension.

Belmont Resident/Ratepayers Action Group this month reiterated calls for the City to prioritise retention of native trees.

City of Belmont chief executive Stuart Cole last Thursday told the Gazette the city promoted tree retention and, through responsible tree management, had increased cover in the park by 48 per cent since 2001.

‘Due to the development at Centenary Park, a small number of trees do need to be removed to make way for the parking area for the new community centre,’ Mr Cole said.

‘The city uses trained professional staff to select trees appropriate to the circumstances of each individual planting scheme, and will further investigate if there are native species that will grow successfully in the root cells being installed in new car park.’