Casting vote moves vision ahead

CITY of Belmont Mayor Phil Marks used his casting vote at last week’s council meeting to endorse the Development Area 6 (DA6) Vision Plan to go out for public advertising.

DA6 is an area of 174ha around Perth Airport and Redcliffe which had been identified as a suitable location for redevelopment to medium to high residential buildings as well as mixed-use buildings.

A redevelopment would include the closure of Brearley Avenue and the development of a train station.

At the agenda briefing on October 20, two Coolgardie Street residents presented deputations saying they did not want Brearley Avenue to close until the Coolgardie Street and Great Eastern Highway intersection was upgraded.

However, as the intersection is not a local road, responsibility for any upgrade lies with the State Government.

At the council meeting, councillor Margie Bass foreshadowed the report be deferred until further information was provided to residents regarding their concerns.

Cr Lauren Cayoun agreed and said the vision was not ready for public advertising.

Cr Janet Powell said it was important to keep the plan moving forward.

However, the City’s director of community and statutory service Neville Deague said deferment would mean community information and open days already planned would have to be cancelled, which would delay the process.

Four councillors voted to endorse the advertising period and four voted against.

Cr Marks used his casting vote to endorse the vision. The City will advertise the plan for 42 days, double the minimum required period of 21 days.