Caw blimey, hobby is a tropical paradise

‘I was given one as a present 20 years ago and I’ve been collecting them ever since,’ Ms Plumstead said.

Caring for her more than 40-macaw collection is only a ‘hobby’ for Ms Plumstead, who works as a nurse at a private surgeon’s office.

‘I do sell a few but I don’t breed a lot because I’m very careful as to where they go, so it’s only selected people that get my birds,’ she said.

Ms Plumstead collects all three breeds of macaws: the green-winged and the scarlet macaws, which are worth up to $10,000 each, and the blue and gold macaws, which are worth about $5000.

‘My favourite is the scarlet without a doubt, scarlets are my love,’ Ms Plumstead said.

Last weekend, Ms Plumstead displayed three of baby macaws at the Aviculture Society of WA biannual Original Bird Show, which was held at Cannington Showgrounds.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the society’s Rivervale-based clubrooms, which are the only aviculture clubrooms in Australia.