Chelsea Pizza, yoga and a property seizure: Victoria Park’s council meeting in brief

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JIM McIntosh’s dream of Yoga Tree permanently operating from Hubert Street has been realised after Victoria Park councillors voted unanimously to scrap a condition restricting its continued use for only two years.

At the council meeting held on July 10, councillors approved a change to the Town’s planning scheme that will prohibit recreation private uses, such as a yoga studio, from operating in residential areas.

However, Deputy Mayor Vicki Potter said she felt a two year approval for the studio in light of the approval of Amendment 80 was redundant and essentially expressed to the business, that sits on the outskirts of a residual zone, it was not welcome in the Town.

“The studio has operated in Hubert Street under a one-year trial and no complaints have been received, so I think they have done their time,” Ms Potter said.


VICTORIA Park councillors voted to seize a local property for the recovery of more than $11,000 debt in unpaid rates and charges.

Since December 2013, the Town has attempted to contact the owner of the property, issuing notices, calling and sending letters each financial year.

An officers report states “the property is currently unoccupied (and) does not have water and electricity supply, therefore (making it) a health nuisance and increasing the possibility of vagrants occupying the premises.

Mayor Trevor Vaughan said this was only the second time in the Town’s history that a property has been seized.

The previous property on Tuam Street was auctioned in 2016.


CHELSEA Pizza will be forced to remove an unauthorised advertising sign after council voted to approve conditions placed on a retrospective application from the East Victoria Park eatery.

In November, the Town received a complaint about a red and white advertising sign having been erected above the awning at the shop.

On investigation, the Town’s records revealed no approval had been sought or granted.

It was also revealed that the current dining area had exceeded the approved 30sq m and an external cool room had been placed outside in a car parking bay.

At its July meeting, councillors unanimously allowed the shop to keep its cool room and 72.65sq m dining area but demanded the signage be removed due to non-compliance with the Town’s Signs Local Law 2006.