City goes all out for feedback

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said wider consultation was considered when a proposal may have a more general community interest.

The Scheme Amendment increases the current seven-metre building height limit to 14, 21 and 36 metres across the site.

Councillor Peter Howat said it was likely the approval of the high zoning could set a precedent for the rezoning of the land between this site and the Canning Bridge.

‘There is a concern that it could strengthen an argument for similar high rise developments along Manning Road and even around McDougall Park. This would be contrary to local residents’ wishes, and contrary to sensible planning,’ Cr Howat said.

He added that residents were unhappy that the site had been left in a dilapidated and overgrown state for many years and were heartened when the owner showed interest in developing the site.

‘Sadly, the developers seem hellbent on squeezing a large number of small apartments on to the site within a number of very large complexes rising to 36 metres,’ Cr Howat said.