City has been excluded: Mayor

Last week Local Government Minister Tony Simpson revealed its submission to the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB), which included plans to continue with the merger of Belmont and Kalamunda but significantly altered the original boundaries proposed for the City of Fremantle and the City of Vincent.

While Belmont and Kalamunda’s submissions complied with Government’s proposal, both councils have voiced their objection to amalgamation since the original map was released in July.

Cr Marks said the new map appeared to be the result of selective consultation that did not include the input of the east metropolitan councils.

‘After being forced to lodge a submission that was designed to stop Kalamunda from taking over Belmont, the City now finds itself excluded from this selective consultation process, despite raising a number of issues relating to the proposed merger of Belmont and Kalamunda to both the minister and the LGAB,’ he said.

Cr Marks said Premier Colin Barnett had deviated from his undertaking that only minor changes would be considered to the Government’s original map.

He said it would be worthwhile for the City of Belmont and the Shire of Kalamunda to consider lodging another submission, as other councils had been encouraged to do so.

‘The City has been opposed to amalgamating with any other council and as the proposal now shows councils that are much smaller than 100,000 and with Belmont’s growth predictions and significant commercial community, it has a compelling case,’ Cr Marks said.

‘The City will ask the Shire if, following their referendum, they still do not wish to amalgamate with anyone that they also need to express that view.’

The LGAB is expected to deliver its recommendations to Mr Simpson by mid-2014.