City of Belmont council to discuss restricting multiple dwelling developments to within town centre

City of Belmont council to discuss restricting multiple dwelling developments to within town centre

CITY of Belmont will look to restrict multiple dwelling developments to within a 400m radius of the area’s “town centre”.

A motion from Councillor Robert Rossi to remove the provision of multiple dwelling developments from R20-40 zones and only allow them in R60-100 zones close to the town centre and in special zones will be considered at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The town centre comprises the land bounded by Abernethy Road, Fulham Street, Knutsford Avenue and Wright Street, Cloverdale.

R-Codes control the design of residential development in WA, with areas coded as R20-40 allowing for lower density.

In his reasoning for the motion, Cr Rossi stated that multi-units were encroaching with adverse impacts into all parts of the City and the character of the area was being eroded.

Belmont chief executive John Christie said the gazettal of the council’s Local Planning Scheme in late 2011 introduced the provision that allowed for multiple dwelling developments within the R20-40 coded areas of the City.

“Since December 1, 2011, a total of 189 planning approvals were granted for multiple dwelling developments, which comprises 1564 dwellings within the R20-40 coded areas,” he said.

“It should be noted that approvals do not directly translate in to developments as there can be a lag between approval and construction with some approvals never making it to completion.”

As part of the motion, Mr Christie would request support from the WA Planning Commission and Transport Minister Rita Saffioti.

The motion would form part of the City’s review of the Local Planning Scheme, which is expected to take three to five years.

Mr Christie said the review of the scheme would progress though a range of community consultation processes.

“A formal statutory advertising period of four months is also required to be undertaken when formal public submissions may be lodged with the City of Belmont for consideration,” he said.

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