City passes amendment

In September 2012, the council rejected a Scheme Amendment for the Manning site that involved building height limits of 36, 21 and 14 metres over various portions of the site and invited the applicants to re-submit a proposal with a bulk and scale more keeping with the locality.

Council has now received advice of the owners’ ‘Section 76’ submission to the minister, seeking his intervention to instruct the council to initiate a Scheme Amendment for the purpose requested in September.

The minister invited council to submit a Scheme Amendment they would be likely to consider before he made a decision.

The report before council from city officers said due to potential intervention of the minister, ‘it is clearly not an option to refuse any Scheme Amendment for the subject site’.

The new Scheme Amendment passed by council will be forwarded to the minister and requests building height limits around the park boundary be reduced to 14 metres and 21 metres in the centre of the site.