City staffers tell shire to back off

A letter prepared by staff for consideration by councillors states the city does not support Proposal Number 25 and labels it ‘deficient in many aspects’.

In the letter, the city does not support Kalamunda’s request for the new district to be named the City of Kalamunda and said a name should be made in a democratic manner.

It rejects Kalamunda’s statement that it is more capable than Belmont to be the local government to remain after July 2015, saying it is not supported by any substantiated evidence.

Belmont claims Kalamunda referred to the wrong land when it said its preference in Proposal 25 was to exclude the portion of Welshpool south of Orrong Road. The land in question is north of Orrong Road.

In the letter, the city also argues claims against Belmont’s capacity to manage growth and its financial liability, and it does not support the Kalamunda proposal for elected members and wards, which looks likely to continue as a critical impasse between the two local governments.

It questioned claims by Kalamunda, including statements the shire has superior levels of services and that its management team is more efficient.

The City of Belmont last week reminded residents they had until Thursday, June 26, to put in a public submission to the Shire of Kalamunda’s Proposal 25.