City trials parking sensors

Mends Street, South Perth.
Mends Street, South Perth.

An in-ground parking sensor is a device buried underground that records when a vehicle arrives and departs from a parking bay.

Once a vehicle has overstayed the permitted time limit, a signal is sent from the sensor to the nearest parking ranger�s smart phone device.

Other local governments have installed the devices, but this will be the first time the City of South Perth has investigated the idea.

The City says it is conducting a three-month trial of the devices, with Australian Parking and Revenue Control (APARC) carrying the cost. After the trial, the city says it intends to review the data collected and make a decision as to whether it will become a permanent fixture. Parking sensors have been installed in Mends Street, between Mill Point Road and South Perth Esplanade, in South Perth, and in Hobbs Avenue, Como. The City denied the plan was another revenue-raising stream and said it had issued $403,640 in infringements for the 2014/2015 financial year.

�The new parking sensors will reduce officer time in patrolling the streets to mark up and monitor vehicles,� City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said.

�The installation of in-ground sensors means rangers will be able to attend to other issues or incidents while continuing to monitor parking in the City.

�We anticipate this initiative will assist local businesses in the community who often experience cars parking illegally.�