Cobham confirms engine was shut down mid-air on flight from Barrow Island to Perth on May 10

Picture: iStock
Picture: iStock

AN ENGINE of a Cobham plane had to be shut down mid-air during a flight from Barrow Island to Perth earlier this month.

Fly-in fly-out workers aboard the flight on Thursday, May 10 were shocked to look out the window of the aircraft and see smoke coming from one of the engines.

Chevron issued a notice to its employees the following day saying that the engine was shut down after “abnormal vibration” was detected.

“The aircraft proceeded safely to Perth on three engines and there was no need to divert the flight,” it read.

“As per airport procedure the plane was met by emergency service.

“There were no injuries and investigations will be held to determine the cause of the engine vibrations.”

In a statement to Community News, a Cobham spokeswoman said the plane landed safely in Perth about 7.15pm “following a mid-air technical issue” with one of its four engines.

“As a precautionary measure, the plane was met by emergency services in accordance with standard procedure,” she said.

The incident comes four years after an investigation was launched into an incident where a Cobham plane caught on fire after taking off from Perth on its way to Barrow Island.

Cobham Aviation AVRO 146-RJ100 that caught on fire in April, 2014. Photo: Matt Pilat

An Australian Transport Safety Bureau report of the April 2014 incident revealed poor-quality repair jobs and an ineffective inspection contributed to the engine fire.

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