Como takes biggest hit even as robberies drop

Police said most of the burglaries were crimes of opportunity.

Kensington Senior Sergeant Ash Goy said the perpetrators entered through unlocked doors or windows.

Como was the worst-hit suburb.

It recorded 287 of the total 749 reported burglaries in the past 12 months.

Senior Sergeant Goy said Como’s location made it vulnerable.

‘Como has arterial roads and a rail line leading into the suburb,’ he said.

‘Any persons apprehended in Como are not usually linked to living in the area.

‘They could commit a crime in Como at 11am, get on a train and be somewhere else at 2pm.’

During March, there was a spate of seven burglaries over one night in Como.

The offenders got into the houses through unlocked doors or by smashing through windows.

Senior Sergeant Goy said it was common that burglars entered the house and took keys left in full view of a window or door, which also lead to the family car being stolen at the same time.

Como also recorded the highest number of graffiti vandalism throughout the 12 months, while South Perth, also bounded by main arterial roads, recorded the highest number of assaults, robberies and motor vehicle thefts.