Concern over ‘high density’

Residents say they do not want higher density adjacent to lower density at 10 First Avenue because the street is predominately low density.

The proposal is for a two-storey building containing six multiple dwellings.

Residents said the block would bring more noise, traffic and crime to the street.

Ashley Buckle said the increase in vehicles would see an existing traffic problem reach breaking point.

He said the street was used as a rat run for motorists wanting to enter Canning Highway, but not via the traffic lights at Berwick Street.

‘The street is busy already and subject to speeding motorists,’ Mr Buckle said.

‘This high density development, if it is approved, will give the go-ahead for other developments ” set a precedent ” bringing even more traffic.’

City of South Perth Deputy Mayor Glenn Cridland said the proposed development was on a 577sq m lot and was considered a medium density development.

‘All 17 submissions received by the City objected to the proposed development,’ he said.

‘The objections relate to parking and traffic provision, streetscape compatibility, concerns with proposed setback variations, concerns with open space and landscaping provision and compromised space for rubbish bins.’

He said the City had assessed the proposal against local and state planning policies and had prepared a summary of all submissions received from surrounding residents, internal department referrals and the city’s design advisory committee.

He added that a request for further information was sent to the applicant, outlining issues of non-compliance and including a summary of the submissions received.

‘The city is to await a formal response from the applicant before deciding how to proceed with the development application,’ Cr Cridland said.